Former finance board Democrat appointed to Southington fire board

Former finance board Democrat appointed to Southington fire board

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SOUTHINGTON — An outspoken critic of fire department time firefighters in the past few years, but the council hasn’t approved those requests.

The finance board and council placed some of this year’s fire department overtime money into a contingency account. The fire commission can request funds from this account for overtime as needed throughout the year.

Finance board members, including Moise, felt the change put more emphasis on reducing overtime.

Board of Fire Commissioners Chairman Michael Bunko said he feels the entire commission is concerned about overtime.

“I look forward to (Moise’s) ideas and his thoughts,” he said.

Moise, who was sworn in this week, will attend his first meeting on Dec. 21. The next day the fire commission will hold all-day assessments for the three finalists for the chief’s job. Bunko said the commission expects to have a permanent chief by early next year.

The town received 17 applicantions from across the country. One of the finalists is from out of state.

Former fire chief Harold “Buddy” Clark retired last year and was replaced by Heath as an interim.

The new chief will be asked to address the relationship of full-time and volunteer firefighters, overtime, and manpower levels.

Moise said he’s catching up on the three finalists to be prepared for a vote. He’s looking for a chief who can create a cohesive force from both the career and volunteer sides of the department.

He’s not worried about relations with Republican fire commission leaders Bunko and vice chairwoman Mary Baker.

“I don’t think there are any issues there, nor should there be,” Moise said. “If everyone is doing what is right for the town of Southington, there shouldn’t be any issue.”

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