Local businessman Jack Perry joins Southington Democrats, considering state run

Local businessman Jack Perry joins Southington Democrats, considering state run

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SOUTHINGTON – An unaffiliated candidate who nearly won a seat on the Town Council two years ago joined the Democratic Party and is considering a run for the General Assembly.

Jack Perry, owner of HQ Dumpsters & Recycling, said this week that he’s formed an exploratory committee for state office and won’t be running for council again in November.

Perry said he’s happy with how the council has been running and was encouraged by residents to consider a run for state office. He lives in the 30th House District, a seat currently held by House Speaker and Democrat Joe Aresimowicz.

Aresimowicz has announced that he’s not running for re-election next year.

Perry also lives in the 16th Senate District, which is held by Republican Rob Sampson.

“I think I could bring a lot of value to the party as a whole and bring bipartisanship to the state level,” Perry said. “That’s what I think is missing, people being diplomatic.”

He joined the Democrats since he had a “rapport” with the party and because its leaders reached out to him after the 2017 election. Perry has been pleased that local Democrats have kept taxes and spending low.

“They’re very conservative when it comes to certain things and I align more with them,” he said.

Perry, in his first council run, was within 100 votes of taking the ninth council seat. He’s confident he could win a seat this year but wanted to use his skills at the state level.

“I’ve built a good business in tough economic times as well as a very competitive market,” Perry said.

Bob Berkmoes, Southington Democratic town chairman, said the party will hopefully be working with Perry “in his future political endeavors.”

“We’re very, very happy that he’s a Democrat,” Berkmoes said.

The open House seat is of interest to the Southington party, according to Berkmoes, but he added that the election is “a little ways off.”

Perry said his 2017 campaign was “eye-opening.” He’s often attended Town Council meetings since then and has spoken during public comment.

“I feel like I still have a voice at the local level,” Perry said.

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