Southington police lieutenant earns credentials after intensive leadership course

Southington police lieutenant earns credentials after intensive leadership course

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SOUTHINGTON — Lieutenant Keith Egan returned home last week after graduating from the Administrative Officers Course at the University of Louisville. He plans to use the lessons learned to increase the efficiency of the Southington Police Department and promote continuing education among all ranks. 

Egan has been with the department for 18 years and currently serves as the lieutenant in charge of the patrol division and as Southington’s commander of the Central Emergency Response Team. He came to the department after serving 27 years in the Army and said he is currently working on obtaining his master’s degree in criminal justice and law enforcement science. The course was a 12-week executive leadership program and Egan said he earned 12 credits toward his master’s degree, which he hopes to have completed by next May. He is taking classes this summer through the University of Louisville’s online program. 

“It just makes more sense because I’m already in kind of the mind set from having been through there to stay and keep rolling with it,” Egan said. 

The J. Allen Lamb & Edward S. Pocock III Foundation has a scholarship that pays for two participants from New England to attend the program every year. Egan said he was excited to be chosen and noted the program costs over $6,000 for the various expenses. Egan said the program exposes the participants to new or different ideas that they can bring back to their home departments. 

“A lot of it is focused on leadership,” Egan said about the course. “I hope to bring back some of the leadership things I learned in terms of better ways to make our department more efficient.”

Another benefit of the program is that the 45 participants come from across the country and Egan said they have stayed in contact in the few days since the course ended. Egan said they share information about their own departments and pick up tips from others. 

Egan said continuing education is important for officers at all ranks. He said he would like to see the state do a better job of having a better training program and promoting the idea of getting education early and throughout officers’ careers.
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