Southington property transfers

Southington property transfers


SOUTHINGTON- Property transfers reported from Oct. 22 to Oct. 29

CT Land and Homes, LLC to Steven M. and Jim M. Olderman, Lot 15, 22 Porriello Drive, $542,500.

AA Denorfia Building & Development, LLC to Jason Daniel Wolf, 26 Walker’s Crossing, Lot 17, $398,092.

Anna M. Petrillo to Lee Levesque, Lot 19, Paul Heights, $85,000.

Michael Mordarski to GMV Realty, LLC, 796 S. Main St., $165,000.

Donna D. and Romuald K. Flieger to Celia C. Hogan and Hope T. Chapman, 130 River St., $225,000.

Mark Lovely Homes, LLC to Austin Adasleaveg and Amber D. Crispino, 21 Coolidge St., $210,000.

Southington Industrial Properties, LLC to Gregory and Claudine J. Martin, 80 Industrial Drive, $83,000.

James V. and Michele Pepe to Daniel J. and Sharon M. Faucher, 105-107 W. Center St., $245,000.

DBF, LLC to Magnoli Enterprises, Inc., 326 W. Pines Drive, Lot 33, $168,900.

DBF, LLC to Magnoli Enterprises, Inc., 341 W. Pines Drive, Lot 34, $168,900.

Diane M. Aldrich to Scott A. Dlugoszewski, 140 Edgewood Circle, $220,000.

Estate of Christine Stonkus to Antonio and Luca Lemetti, 76 Cherry St., $75,000.

Luke J. and Corinna M. Abbott to Elizabeth Prince, 686 South End Road, $170,000.

Joseph F. Albrycht, Jr., to Baldwin Estates, LLC, Wonx Spring Road, $375,000.

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