Property Transfers - April 27, 2014

Property Transfers - April 27, 2014



Property transfers reported from April 16-22:

MHS Enterprises, LLC to Theresa L. Gray, Lot 94, Colony Brook Homes, $99,900.

Bank of New York Mellon to Gianpaolo Lombardo, 24 Yale Acres Road, $56,500.

Rita H. Stearns to Alicia J. Albertson, 22 Lakeview St., $138,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Sean O’Leary and Angelique Chagnon, Unit 3, Old Stagecoach Crossing Condo, $62,000.

US Bank and SRMOF II 2012-1 trust to Pablo Pinedo, 251 Elm St., $104,000.

Estate of Mary L. Rogoz to Jose V. Cusina, 300 Hamilton St., $43,600.

Jacob J. Jr. George, Anita H. George and United States of America to Onewest Bank, 32 Carl St., $143,000.

US Bank to Barbara Antonicka, 213 Spring St., $60,000.


Property transfers reported from April 7-16:

The Bank of New York Mellon to Patricia A. Cimmino and Robert McGillis, 22 Bristol St., $120,000.

Noreen Perez to Jeffrey Robinson, 4 Laura Lane, $234,000.

Marc A. and Jamie L. LaPointe to William A. Iannone and Noreen Perez, 297 Highland Ave., $387,450.

Myran J. Gapski, LLC and Kenneth E. Polizzo, LLC to Joseph Sylco and Jacqueline Martone, 30 Brook View Ave., $225,000.

Victoria Harrington to Christine Gouveia, 512 Pilgrims Harbor, $195,000.

Charoltte B. Bisson Revocable Trust to 205 North Main, LLC, 205 N. Main St., $132,500.

Howard M. Harmetz to 205 North Main, LLC, 205 N. Main St., $132,500.

Phyllis L. Lathrop to Ervin Crook, 19 Johnson Road, $180,000.

Morequity Inc to Gerald Hale, 26 Jamestown Circle, $205,000.

Christopher M. Harrington to Kimberely Milici-Lavigne, 10 Brentwood Drive, Unit A, $170,000.

Norah and Robert Reynolds to Michael A. Cipriani and Richelle M. Stainton, 56-58 Fair St., $300,000.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to TPEP, LLC, 28 Forest Road, $130,000.

Gary and Rhonda Zera to Jo M. Corrales, 191 Cheshire Road, $370,000.

Lisa M. and Paul F. Solomon to Arjan And Valentina Qeriqi, 18 Longview Lane, $405,000.

Paul F. and Paula J. Byrne to Michele M. Deisser, 39 Heritage Woods, $128,500.

Jennifer DeLucia to Jennifer McCormick, 1163 Old Colony Road, Unit 6, $215,000.


Property transfers reported from April 12-21:

David E. Scranton to Delmic Enterprise, LLC, 24 Robert Porter Road, $757,000.

Eric D. Johnson to Deb Properties, LLC, 361 N. Main St., $70,000.

AA Denorfia Building & Development, LLC to Renald E. Fecteau, 46 Walker’s Crossing, $414,733.

Yolande and Renald Fecteau to Suzanne Krassler and Carol Tacchi, Unit 11, 36 Buckland St., $345,000.

Suzanne Krassler and Carol Tacchi to Joseph Koontz, 245-8 Berlin Ave., $219,000.

Elizabeth Castro to Brian D. and Samantha J. Nebiolo, 17 Church St., $250,000.

John W. and Barbara L. Mayo to Jill Rubino and Rita Stearns, 33 Vernondale Drive, $340,000.

US Bank to Lukasz Halas and Peter Hryniszyn, 117 Rolling Hill, $165,000.

LePage Homes, LLC to Steven J. Smith, 500 Mill St., Unit 6, $267,900.

Estate of Barbara Vinelli to Theodore and Susan Zdeblick , 741 Berry Patch Way, $200,000.

Southington Industrial Properties, LLC to RE 9, LLC, 96 and 108 Industrial Drive, $162,000.

Stephen J. and Laurie A. Straub to Nicholas and Jillian Battaglia, 88 Partridge Drive, $379,000.

Simonne J. Cote to Deborah J. McGowan, 30 Red Oak Drive, $19,500.

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