Morning Record: New advocacy group aims to support women in politics

Morning Record: New advocacy group aims to support women in politics

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A group of prominent women in Connecticut politics have formed a new advocacy organized focused around women’s issues in politics. 

PoliticaCT aims to “build a more progressive Connecticut through issue advocacy and the strategic recruitment, mentoring, and support of progressive women to run in targeted, winnable elections at the state level.” 

State Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, and one of the organization’s cofounders, joins the Morning Record podcast to talk about PoliticaCT. Other cofounders include Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, attorney Jamie Mills, and political strategist Celinda Lake. 

Bye said the group was frustrated by the loss of Democrat Hillary Clinton, a woman with a lengthy political career, in the presidential election to Republican Donald Trump, a Republican with no political experience. 

She also said PoliticaCT aims to get more women involved in politics, noting women make up 51.2 percent of the state’s population, but only 27.8 percent of the current state legislature. The percentage of women in the legislature has hovered around 30 percent for the last two decades.


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