Warrant details charges against North Haven man who threatened to poison Halloween candy

Warrant details charges against North Haven man who threatened to poison Halloween candy

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MERIDEN — A North Haven man charged after he made online threats about putting rat poison in Halloween candy appeared to fantasize about being a lunatic killer on Halloween night, according to his arrest warrant. 

Ronald Przybylo, 57, of 93 Saint John St., was charged Tuesday with second-degree breach of peace and seven counts of animal cruelty.

Przybylo, who was arraigned in Meriden Superior Court on Wednesday. posted $10,000 bond and was released. He was previously convicted of assault and possession of marijuana in the 1980s, according to the bail commissioner.

On Oct. 30, police received an anonymous tip that Przybylo was posting about lacing candy with rat poison on his Facebook page, the warrant said. Police viewed Przybylo’s social media account and found he made alarming comments and referenced the movie “Halloween”, calling himself the main character. 

“It appeared Przybylo was fantasizing about the role of being a lunatic killer who goes on a rampage on Halloween night,” the warrant said

Other statements posted on Przybylo’s account included “This Halloween will be fun. Candy, filled with rat poison. The kids love it just as I love it! Happy Halloween,” the warrant said. He also referenced the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

Przybylo, who admitted making the posts, told police he was depressed and acting out of anger from being unemployed, the warrant said. Przybylo said he was under the care of a psychiatrist and was taking medication. Przybylo said he was “not really” planning to poison candy, but told police he had pesticides in his basement.

When entering the home, police noticed the entire second floor of the home was covered in animal feces and urine, the warrant said. There were three dogs, three cats and a large bird in the home. An animal control officer responded and determined the environment was not healthy for the animals and took custody of all seven, the warrant said.

Maryellen Przybylo, his wife, was also charged with seven counts of animal cruelty and released on $2,500 bond. 

Outside of court, Ronald Przybylo said he had no comment on the charges, but wanted to “live (his) own life the right way.” The couple is due back in court on Nov. 9. 

When asked about the condition of the home, Maryellen Przybylo said she planned to clean, but hadn’t had the chance recently. 

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