ON THE MENU: Cheesecake on a stick, mousse domes and pastries at Keri’s Sweet Creations in Wallingford

ON THE MENU: Cheesecake on a stick, mousse domes and pastries at Keri’s Sweet Creations in Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD – A month after opening Keri’s Sweet Creations on East Center Street, pastry chef and co-owner Keri Logan-Ber has gotten a lot of requests for cheesecake on a stick.

“People seem to really enjoy it and like it because it’s different,” Logan-Ber said. “It’s not too sweet, and you get the soft on the inside and the crunch on the outside.”

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Logan-Ber was previously a head baker at Yale University. While she was used to creating plated desserts, the Middletown resident decided to test different to-go and miniature dessert concepts in her new shop, located in the former Fran’s Bakery storefront in a plaza at 824 East Center St.

The unique dessert came about after Logan-Ber realized how decadent her cheesecake recipe was frozen. 

Cheesecake is divided into slices, made into a lollipop with a stick, frozen for a few hours and then dipped into melted chocolate and decorated with an assortment of treats.

Crumbled toffee, toasted coconut, peanut butter, white chocolate raspberry and almonds are just a few of the variations available. The dessert can also be scaled down to a smaller size for parties.

Logan-Ber said the bakery made over 60 desserts within a span of three days due to high demand. 

“Cheesecake on a stick I think it is going to be our claim to fame,” said co-owner Marie Pascale of Durham.

The shop also sells mousse domes, which consists of chocolate cake sliced thin and layered on top of vanilla and chocolate mousse. Once frozen, the domes are covered in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with confections.

The bakery also makes cakes, cupcakes, breads, pastries, cookies and fruit tarts. Pascale said they are looking to add sugar-free items and expand their gluten-free and vegan options.

 “We wanted to appeal to the community,” Logan-Ber said. “We wanted to make it a really fun, comfortable environment.”

Pastel-colored block letters behind the display cases spell out “Eat Cake,” while a small sign by the kitchen door encourages customers to “Eat cake for breakfast.”

“I’m always on top of trends when it comes to desserts,” Logan-Ber said. “It’s my passion, I love it.”

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