Residents have their say at town meeting

Residents have their say at town meeting

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Durham voters approved by town meeting Monday the transfer of funds for Town Hall repairs and two ordinances regarding charitable games. All items passed unanimously.

Residents voted to transfer up to $33,000 from the reserve fund to the Capital Improvement Projects Buildings fund for repairs to Town Hall.

Repairs may include painting of exterior upper and lower levels, replacement of a draft inducer and replacement of carpet in building entry areas, as recommended by the Board of Finance at its June 19 meeting.

“These are repairs that are on our 20-year maintenance plan,” First Selectman Laura Francis said. 

Residents also approved two ordinances regulating bazaars, raffles and bingo games.

Charitable games had been state-regulated, but during the last legislative session the responsibility for permitting and enforcement was passed onto municipalities as of Jan. 1. 

Towns don’t have to host games, but need ordinances explaining how they would be regulated if towns chose to proceed.

“We don’t do a lot of these things,” Francis said, though some churches do annually. 

The ordinances include what types of games will be allowed, permit fee amounts and penalties for offenses. Bingo games must pay the town 5 percent of net profits.


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