Durham Fair Needlework Department recognized for unique partnership

Durham Fair Needlework Department recognized for unique partnership

The International Fairs and Expositions results are in, and the Durham Fair Needlework Department is honored to receive an Award of Excellence in the Competitive Exhibits contest at the 127th annual IAFE convention.

The category “New or Unique Single Class of Non-Animal Competitive Exhibits" received 282 entries from fairs across the world.

The Needlework Department’s award was won for the new Art Bra “After the Storm” category.

After the Storm, Inc.’s mission is to assist cancer survivors heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the aftermath of their diagnosis and treatment and help restore balance to their lives. The category entries are hand sewn, painted, dyed and/or decorated bras to be worn during the “After the Storm” charity fashion show.

The Durham Fair has been exhibiting with IAFE since 2015 and this is another great opportunity for our small town to have international recognition for such an amazing community service project.

Said Christine Willett, president & founder of After the Storm: “The mission of the Durham Fair and After the Storm are very similar. We both aim to give back to our local communities to those that need our support. In our case, it is through donating to local caner centers to allow survivors to be able to partake in integrative medicine services, which have totaled $236,000 to date. We are honored that the Durham Fair chose to showcase After the Storm and the Art Bra event to help raise awareness and interest in our cause.”

-- Press Release

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