Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Make the districtred again

To the editor:

After careful deliberation I have decided to pursue a run for the United States Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut as an Independent Conservative candidate.

My decision came as a result of my conservative views, which are not aligned with the Connecticut Republican Party.

To say that I am disgusted with the insider politics is an understatement. And I share this sentiment with so many in the 5th District.

The intentional boxing-out of those who are not political insiders or part of the establishment is something that our country has already spoken to clearly when they elected President Donald Trump.

I truly believe President Trump is the best president we have ever had outside of President Reagan.

The people of our great country knew that it was time to get rid of the establishment and drain the swamp. So they elected President Trump to finally get something done in Washington.

The wonderful citizens of the 5th District have continuously encouraged me to break rank with the ever-moving-left Republican Party and run as an Independent Conservative.

Connecticut needs a strong conservative who is not part of the political establishment and someone that is not jaded or swayed by party politics, nor content with the status quo.

The 5th Congressional District needs someone who is willing to put the interests of the American people and our country first.

Disheartened Republicans and conservatives feel that the party has deserted them and they want their representation back.

I plan to give it to them!

Let’s blaze a new path together based on common-sense politics that puts the interest of the people before the wishes of the political insiders.

Let’s turn the 5th Congressional District red again.

John Pistone
Independent Conservative candidate for congress

Research vaccines

To the editor:

August is vaccine month for school children. “Cancer prevention” HPV shots fail to prevent cervical cancer and have horrible toxicity, including stroke, seizures and sudden death. Aluminum and mercury in most vaccines cause total-body mitochondrial injury, inflammation and brain damage associated with autism, Alzheimer’s, learning disorders, chronic fatigue, etc.

Our children’s health depends on vaccine avoidance, organic food and contact with nature. If public schools continue to require vaccines, make other plans.

The Northeast Organic Farm Association’s summer conference, Aug. 10 to 12, is a life-changing resource event (ctnofa.org).

Sue McIntosh MD



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