Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Sincere thanks

To the editor:

In the early evening of Jan. 20, as temperatures plummeted into the low teens, we had a huge tree limb crash through the skylight in our TV room. The glass and ice shattered everywhere, the tree limb broke furniture and within minutes the heat escaped through the open ceiling.  

After a moment of shock, I called 911 and they dispatched the Durham Volunteer Fire Department, who arrived in minutes. They were remarkable. They efficiently removed  the tree limb from the interior and exterior of the roof, then covered the hole with a tarp and secured it with plywood. 

The men and women of the Durham Fire Department were courteous and professional, and their calm demeanor was very reassuring. Please know that we are ever grateful to all of you for not only your quick response, but for protecting and keeping all of us in the community safe. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With sincere appreciation for all  that you do.

Bob and Lainy Melvin


What a mess

To the editor:

Democrats said their message resonated with voters. What message was that? Higher taxes, tolls on the roads, crumbling infrastructure, almost $2 billion in debt, unfunded pensions for teachers and union members, murder on the streets, unemployment and outrageous property taxes on homeowners.

That's some message the Democrats have there.

The only real message the majority of voters proved this last election – loud and clear – is the the majority of people voting are just plain stupid. Why would anyone want more of this, the dysfunction and mess that Democrats have created over the last 30 years in Connecticut? Stupidity, there's no other explanation for it.

The last one to leave this state, please turn out the lights.

Mark J. Czaja


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