Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Fake news

To the editor:

Dr. McIntosh once again voiced her opinion in this paper that flu vaccines are bad. And once again I have to point out that Dr McIntosh is absolutely wrong. She is spreading blatant fake news.

This is a question of science and the science is crystal clear on this fact. Vaccines prevent disease and death and do not cause autism. All one has to do is look at the resurgence of measles, polio and other diseases that should already be eradicated around the world and see that the cause is a drop in vaccination rates.  

She also mentions that flu vaccines contain "large" amounts of aluminum. I would challenge the good doctor to define "large." Aluminum is the third most abundant element, after oxygen and silicon, and it is the most abundant metal, making up almost 9 percent of the earth's crust. Aluminum is found in plants, soil, water and air. So when you eat, breathe and drink you are exposed to aluminum.

The amount of aluminum in annual flu vaccine is about the same amount that you get drinking 2 to 3 cans of soda or beer.

How many cans do you drink each year?

I am sure Dr. McIntosh means well, but she is so far off the scientific mark that she isn’t even “wrong.”

Pat McCann, B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA

New voice needed

To the editor:

Our Connecticut legislature doesn’t represent the majority of residents. We need people in Hartford –hard-working people – who know what it means to make a living. This is why I’m supporting Aili McKeen for State Senate, 34th district.

Wealth and privilege have plenty of advocates in our capital. We need someone to represent us. Aili will be our voice for pay equity, quality education for all, affordable healthcare, land conservation and sensible gun regulation.

We need a new voice in Hartford. I encourage all in the 34th district, to vote for Aili on Nov. 6.

Carol McShane

Vote GOP

To the editor:

I am writing to respectfully urge your support for state Rep. Noreen Kokoruda, state Rep. Vincent Candelora and state Sen. Len Fasano.

They are responsive, have always taken my calls and spend whatever time it takes to understand the needs of Durham. Specifically, they have included language in legislation to address Durham’s needs and they have participated in important bipartisan negotiations to help break gridlock in Hartford.

I also endorse Adam Greenberg for State Senate. He has a firm grasp of the issues facing our state and town. If you haven't met him yet, I urge you to reach out. His energy, professionalism and hope for our future is infectious!

Laura Francis
Durham First Selectman

Supporting Parker

To the editor:

I support John-Michael Parker for State Representative of the 101st district. I have no doubt that he would add positive energy and new ideas to state government.

He spent time as a teacher and helped found the non-profit The Future Project, which has raised over $15 million a year to serve over 25,000 students.

As a retired teacher, I am excited to endorse someone who knows the importance of public education and will fight for the funding we need in Durham.

I believe he will listen and study the issues facing our state and will have the courage to work with both parties to find common ground and creative solutions.

Marilyn Horn

He’s ready to lead

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, I will vote for John-Michael Parker. As I view it, part of our responsibility as voting citizens is to encourage and help foster the next generation of young people that are stepping up to accomplish that, which in our current climate, has been getting nowhere fast.

John-Michael is one of those people ready to move us forward and take responsibility for how our state government meets the challenges ahead of us.

John-Michael will serve the needs of Durham well in the General Assembly, bringing our concerns to Hartford to create needed solutions.

Learn more about at John-Michael Parker at www.jmp4ct.com.

Elizabeth Dougan

Backing Republicans

To the editor:

I encourage you to get to know the candidates for the upcoming election.

I have personally met Bob Stefanowski, Len Fasano, Vincent Candelora, Noreen Kokoruda and Adam Greenberg. I have spoken with these candidates about their commitment, dedication and vision for our state and our community. They represent the future we need for Connecticut to prosper and grow.

Access their websites to see what their values and vision are, who they are as individuals and where you might get to meet them personally.

Maryann Boord

Importanttown meeting

To the editor:

The residents of the Town of Durham first expressed an interest in establishing a Community Center in 1986. Since that time, various committees and groups have pursued property and building opportunities without success. It may well be that the repurposing of Korn School is the last cost-effective opportunity to establish a Community Center in Durham for some time. 

My purpose in writing this letter is not to advocate for or against the project. I’ve been working with my fellow committee members and the architectural firm of Silver Petrucelli to provide our residents with a realistic project proposal based on an evaluation of the building, solid cost estimates and an achievable timeline. Our committee is now sharing the facts and data to support the project proposal with the public. 

My purpose in writing is to advocate for the involvement of each and every Durham resident in allowing the voice of the public to be heard through the proposed referendum on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

To insure that the public is heard, I ask that residents attend the Special Town Meeting at Korn School on Monday, Oct. 29 and vote to send the resolution to referendum. Let the decision to fund a Durham Community Center be made by all residents of Durham on Dec. 4. Don’t let the voice of the public be silenced by a small group of residents at the Oct. 29 meeting. 

To learn more about the proposed Korn School project, attend the next public informational hearing, Thursday, Oct. 25 at Korn Elementary School. Tours of the facility begin at 6:30 p.m, the presentation at 7. 

Phil Muzio
Korn School Feasibility Assessment Committee

Do your own research

To the editor:

Recently the Town Times published two opposing views regarding flu shots.

Here are facts:

- Vaccine manufacturers lobbied Congress and acquired a liability waiver for their products years ago so they can't be sued for damages.

- Millions of dollars are awarded each year to victims of vaccine damage from our government in Vaccine Court (damages paid by our tax dollars, not manufacturers.)

- Some scientists and researchers do not regard the CDC as an unbiased source for vaccine information.

- Whistleblowers have come forth from both the CDC and vaccine manufacturers to prove industry corruption and suppression of facts.

- Studies continue to show a link between vaccines and autism.

- The flu shot uses a live virus.

- Studies have shown that you can get the flu from the flu shot, and you can spread it to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

Which information does your doctor rely on and from where?

Do your own research.

Carolyn Salzano


To the editor:

Durham voters are extremely fortunate to have two outstanding candidates to represent us in Hartford – Christine Cohen and John-Michael Parker. Both bring energy, intelligence, integrity and a willingness to work independently across party lines to provide the change desperately needed to address the economic problems facing our state.

They are determined to balance fiscal responsibility with support for education, health and the environment through thoughtful budgeting, innovative thinking and hard work. Their understanding of the special needs of smaller towns will drive their efforts to ensure citizens of all ages can remain in the state and expect a sustainable future.  

Leslie and John Paoletti






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