Bailey touts Middlefield’s ‘superior financial health’

Bailey touts Middlefield’s ‘superior financial health’

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Middlefield’s Board of Selectmen met in September to discuss the state of several town projects as well as the town’s financial standing.

“We had a very good year,” said First Selectman Edward Bailey. “Between revenue and expenses we’re over half a million dollars in the black. The financial health of the town, as far as I can analyze – and the board of finance has analyzed – we’re in superior financial health.” 

Bailey said he attributes this to the town’s ability to lower property taxes by 6 percent.

According to a report by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Middlefield was among the top five towns with the largest decrease in its mill rate for the fiscal year.

Middlefield’s mill rate is the lowest it has been in seven years. 

Bailey also took time to talk about an initiative he is planning that would include signs being posted around town urging drivers to slow down. He said that residents’ biggest complaints are high taxes and speeding cars. 

Said Bailey, “Citizens have been in my office and they’ve seen the signs and they say, ‘Can I take one of those?’”

Also, at the Board of Selectmen meeting, it was announced that Middlefield emergency services could officially apply for a permit to install paging equipment on the cell tower in town.

According to Fire Chief Peter Tyc, this process has taken more than four years.

“The tower has our transmitter in it for fire-ground communications. It is the only antenna in our area, next closest is on Blue Hills Road in Durham,” Tyc said. “This will improve our paging coverage, as there will be nine similar locations around Middlesex County.”
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