EDC ‘Cash Mob’ effort kicks off this weekend

EDC ‘Cash Mob’ effort kicks off this weekend


The Durham EDC is sponsoring an initiative we’re calling “Local Weekend Warrior.”

The idea:

Are you familiar with Cash Mobs? It’s okay if you aren’t:

A cash mob is a group of people (a community) who assemble at a local business(es) to make purchases. The purpose of these mobs is to support both the local businesses and the overall community.

Cash Mobs bring an immediate economic impact to a locally-owned business with long-term positive effects. Basically, we want to keep our dollars in Durham!

The details:

Since we do not want to single out individual businesses, we’ve come up with business categories. We encourage the community to visit businesses in the corresponding categories on specific dates. There may be some businesses that fit into multiple categories. Visit them on one or all of those dates.

There are no set hours, just the business’s usual hours of operation. There are no strict guidelines. We are simply encouraging you, the community, to get out and visit our small businesses! 

Here are the simple "rules" for community members participating:

- Visit a local business

- Be courteous to the business owner and staff

- Meet fellow patrons who you didn’t know before

- Take pictures and share them (if you’d like!)

- Have fun!


Saturday, Aug. 3 - Gift Shops & Boutiques

Saturday, Aug. 17 - Seasonal Shops & Farm Stands

Saturday, Aug. 31 - Supplies & Essentials (Home, Health, Auto, Pets)

Thursday, Sept. 5 - Durham Farmer’s Market

Saturday, Sept. 14 – Restaurants, Food & Beverages

For more information visit edc@townofdurhamct.org.

-- Press Release