New Durham wellness center offers holistic healing

New Durham wellness center offers holistic healing

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DURHAM — A new wellness center on Main Street is designed as a hub for holistic healing. 

The Red Barn wellness center opened in September. The 10,000 square foot building is home to about a dozen practitioners in areas including psychotherapy, reiki, intuitive energy therapy, yoga, massage, art therapy, hypnotherapy, and crystal healing. 

“I don't think there's a center like this in the state... that has a salt cave, a big area for yoga, a store, psychotherapists, sound healing…,” said practitioner Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan, whose areas include reiki, psychic medium, gemstone healing and photography. “The cooperation of supporting each other, regarding sharing clients or referring clients ... is magical.”

A salt cave, under construction, is expected to open in about a month. 

Janice Juliano, a Middletown resident, is the architect of the center and Red Barn coordinator. She and two other practitioners expanded from Middletown together. Juliano, a social worker for 40 years, said as the work became more taxing she sought out a teacher of the medicine wheel, a Native American concept that encompasses mind, body, emotion, and spirit. She later lived for eight years in New Mexico, before returning to Connecticut to start a private practice in 2009.

Juliano offers holistic psychotherapy and is a medicine-wheel facilitator at the Red Barn. 

“Many psychotherapists have theories that encompass the mind and it’s about talking, but it doesn't go further than that,” Juliano said. “(Here) we look at the whole person, the whole person has to be taken into consideration, and the person in the environment, the person in the community, because that has an effect on a person.”

She said people dealing with depression or anxiety may not know about options that don’t involve medication. 

“More and more people are getting discouraged by all the pharmaceuticals and side effects and all those things that are creating more problems for people – we're going back to the basics, which is holistic and connection,” Juliano said.

Juliano said someone that has never been exposed to holistic healing, but is interested in learning, can start by visiting the Borrowed Time Emporium inside the barn, which sells items like crystals, gemstones, and homemade jewelry. Tours of the building are also available Monday afternoon with Stephanie Rosally-Kaplan. 

The Red Barn previously held Caroyln Adams Country Barn, which closed in January of 2017 when owner Carolyn Adams retired. The building has been vacant since. 

The Red Barn’s next community fair will be on Sunday, Jan. 27, and geared toward pet health and wellness. More information can be found on The Red Barn in Durham website.
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