New Presbyterian church in Wallingford to hold grand opening Sunday

New Presbyterian church in Wallingford to hold grand opening Sunday

WALLINGFORD — After two years of meeting in homes and searching for a place to worship, Christ Presbyterian Church will have a grand opening Sunday at the Ulbrich Boys & Girls Club.

The Rev. Mike Brunjes and his family moved from West Palm Beach, Florida two years ago with the goal of starting a church in town. He’s been having group gatherings in his home, listening to residents about how best to serve them.

“It was really important to not try and be outsiders coming in,” Brunjes said.

Brunjes said he toured different towns in the state when deciding where to start the church and “fell in love” with Wallingford. Since he moved to town, he has been involved in community events.

“We found Wallingford to be a very welcoming place,” Brunjes said. “It was easy to get involved with the community.”

Brunjes worked with the Christ Presbyterian Church in New Haven through the ministry Mission Anabaino, which helps to establish new churches. Brunjes said his idea was to “take the church to the people” and plant a church where it was needed.

Mission Anabaino Coordinator Jeff Hutchinson said the group provided training, including budget skills, and helped Brunjes find a location to rent.

“It’s been a long process,” Hutchinson said. “It begins as seeds in people’s hearts and we’re seeing the growth. It’s really gratifying to see.”

Brunjes said the grand opening will be Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at the Ulbrich Boys & Girls Club.

“I’m really excited about it because we spent a lot of time on it,” Brunjes said. “We really want the local church to be a gift to the community.”
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