Wallingford, Cheshire to seek federal financial reimbursement after May storm

Wallingford, Cheshire to seek federal financial reimbursement after May storm

Wallingford and Cheshire public works officials say they will seek financial reimbursement for overtime and equipment after the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced it would provide disaster assistance to towns and cities in New Haven County following May’s storm.

In June, FEMA officials, accompanied by public works, fire officials, and electric division employees, surveyed storm damage in Wallingford to determine whether or not it would be deemed a “major disaster.”

FEMA said a payment of at least 75 percent of eligible costs will be made for repairing damaged public facilities and “emergency protective measures” taken to save lives and protect public health. State and local governments that meet eligibility will also receive payment for hazard mitigation projects to prevent long-term risk from natural or technological disasters.

Wallingford Director of Public Works Henry McCully said the town has already paid for a majority of restoration projects and will mostly seek financial reimbursement for equipment, overtime and removal of pile of debris on Garden Road.

He said it would cost the town more than $39,000 to completely remove the debris.

Cheshire Director of Public Works George Noewatne said the town will also seek reimbursement for overtime and equipment. 

“Our charges aren’t going to be tremendously high,” he said. “But we had equipment and crews out on overtime...so we’ll try to get what we can.”

Dennis Pinkham, FEMA Region 1 spokesman, said cities and towns in the state will be invited to “regionalized applicant briefings” in which they submit a request for the funding of different projects. He said towns can formally submit requests and a FEMA representative will be present to answer any questions.

Pinkham said towns can request funding for specific projects and reimbursement for services or projects already completed.

“The intent is to get (applicant briefings) done in the first 30 days,” Pinkham said.

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