Wallingford brewery growing, distributing beer to area bars two months after opening

Wallingford brewery growing, distributing beer to area bars two months after opening

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 WALLINGFORD – After just a few months in operation, a local brewery is already growing and distributing beer to area bars.

“People will be seeing us on draft a lot more in the next few months for sure,” said Ryan Voytek, one of the four co-owners of Front Porch Brewing, 226 North Plains Indsutrial Road. The brewery opened on Nov. 4.

“The beers are great, they’re doing a lot of things that aren’t normally done,” said Greg Vayneris, general manager of Mikro Craft Beer Bar in Hamden, one of the first bars serving Front Porch on draft. “People are loving the brewery and the beers.”

With production between approximately 215 and 245 gallons a week, Voytek said the brewery’s focus will remain on its taproom, to ensure it can serve regular customers. He said the brewery’s taproom runs bar hours every day, except Tuesday and Wednesday, to allow those with busy schedules to still be able to visit.

“It feels good to have people come in and they’re supporting something that’s local to their area,” he said. “We put in two years here just to get these doors open. I think people see that when they come in and they can taste it in our beer.”

Voytek said new beers on tap every week keep customers coming back.

One of their staple beers is the Devil Children, a house India Pale Ale Voytek described as light with low bitterness and a higher alcohol by volume than most pale ales. 

“It’s not aggressively hoppy, so people can drink a few and it’s just an easy drinking, nice beer,” he said. “That’s honestly probably my favorite. I’m a little biased too, because that’s my recipe.”

Voytek plans to grow the brewery enough to where the four owners can devote all their time to it. Currently, they all have other full time jobs. He also hopes to eventually open a second brewery.


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