New daycare to open on Main Street in Wallingford early next year

New daycare to open on Main Street in Wallingford early next year

WALLINGFORD – A new daycare with an emphasis on both academics and social skills plans to open early next year on Main Street.

Grandma’s Cozy Cottage co-owners Fran Signore and Debbie Finn have been working since mid-September to update the facility ahead of its Jan. 2 opening.

Signore and Finn, both Wallingford natives, will be teaming up to run the daycare at 210 Main St. after working together for 17 years at a private special education school. Finn has an extensive background as a special education teacher, while Signore carries past experience running her own daycare from home.

They feel their long-established chemistry paired with their experience in the classroom will make a strong environment for Wallingford’s youth.

“Every kid learns in a different way,” Finn explained. “When you have a background in special education, you become good at individualizing.”

Finn’s partner shares a similar confidence.

“(Our background) will help out a lot,” Signore said. “We can pick up behaviors and use some of those techniques we learned to help shape behaviors and academics.”

Granda’s Cozy Cottage will maintain an emphasis on academics, but based on what they hear from teachers at the pre-school and kindergarten level, social skills are also imperative.

“They’re saying ‘please do something with social skills and manners,’” Finn said. “This has come from several different towns.”

The daycare center, which will be open to infants from 6 weeks to 5-year-old children, is approved to hold as many as 30 kids.

To promote the upcoming opening, the center will host an open house Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., where parents can tour the facility, receive pricing information and register their children for when the doors officially open.

Finn and Signore are confident in the daycare’s potential, especially after bringing in Signore’s grandson to take a look around.

“He actually laid on the floor and threw a fit when it was time to leave,” Signore said. “He didn’t want to go home.”

For a duo that has surrounded themselves around children for decades, they anticipate a smooth transition and a welcoming atmosphere that comes with a smaller, more focused environment.

“Kids are all unique,” Finn said. “They keep you young.”
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