Officers begin new role Wallingford schools

Officers begin new role Wallingford schools

WALLINGFORD — For Officers Megan Baur and Henry Cadett, the end of summer break meant the start of their new duties patrolling the schools.

”It’s been going very well,” Police Chief William Wright.

Wright said Baur and Cadett officially began their new roles on Aug. 27, the first day of school. He said parents and students had the opportunity to attend a meet-and-greet with the town’s first school resource officers on Aug. 24.

“Both officers (Baur and Cadett) are happy to be there and were well received by students and staff,” supervisor Sgt. David Blythe said.

Wright said the officers are not full time school resource officers, but will work up to three hours at the schools per day. He said Baur and Cadett will primarily take shifts at Sheehan High School and Lyman Hall High School, but will occasionally visit Moran and Dag Hammarskjold middle schools.

Blythe said Baur and Cadett will also continue to work in the community policing division. He said a police presence in schools has always existed in some capacity, but the decision to send officers into schools is determined on a need basis. 

“They have some responsibility as normal officers (and) aren’t solely dedicated to the school system,” Blythe said.

Wright said the presence of officers in the schools will help formally recognize the relationship between the police department and the Board of Education. He said the officers will offer assistance to school officials and provide students with a safe environment.

”Our goal is to minimize any disruption that might occur in school settings,” Wright said.
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