Lyman Hall, Sheehan powder puff teams take part in annual motorcade in Wallingford

Lyman Hall, Sheehan powder puff teams take part in annual motorcade in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD – Town residents lined the streets Tuesday evening to celebrate the Lyman Hall and Sheehan powder puff teams in an annual motorcade prior to today’s Samaha Bowl.

The Lyman Hall and Sheehan teams packed into decorated cars and acknowledged supporters as they drove along their designated route. Most had their parents driving so they could wave to the passerbys and soak in the moment.

“This is just another thing to help bring the community together,” Sheehan center Sarah Flis said. “It’s so much fun to be a part of it.”

Flis and the rest of the Sheehan squad spent part of their Tuesday afternoon decorating their cars with red and gold streamers, flags and lettering across their windows, while Lyman Hall did the same on the other side of town. Slogans like “We will win,” “Go Titans,” and “Sen19rs” could be seen on the back windshields of the cars that would make their rounds along the streets of Wallingford, to celebrate the 47th annual Samaha Bowl that will kick off Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. 

Over at Lyman Hall, one car in the parking lot stuck out among the rest, with Christmas lights wrapped around the car’s antenna and along the roof.

“We’re finally able to be a part of something that we always heard about from past seniors,” Lyman Hall safety Faith Barbieri said.

Sheehan made their rounds first, while Wallingford police hurried over to Lyman Hall’s neighborhood afterward so it could begin its route. The tradition has been carried on for roughly three decades, estimates Sheehan head coach Cheryl Colwick.

“It makes it exciting for the girls,” Colwick said of the event. “Family, alumni, they’ll all be out there. The route has been unchanged for almost 15 years. It’s great to see.”

The turnout on the streets reflected the demand for tickets to the event. Sheehan Athletic Director Chris Dailey estimated that 80 percent of the school’s tickets were sold by Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s a very unique event that brings everyone from both sides of town together,” Dailey said. “It’s going to be a great atmosphere. The kids are really excited.”
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