Sheehan, Lyman Hall players take part in annual Powder Puff motorcade

Sheehan, Lyman Hall players take part in annual Powder Puff motorcade

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WALLINGFORD — The Sheehan and Lyman Hall powder puff teams decked out their cars with school spirit for a pre-powder puff motorcade Tuesday evening. 

The rival high schools will play Wednesday in the 46th annual Samaha Bowl at 2:30 p.m. on Fitzgerald Field at Lyman Hall.

“We’re taking that trophy back and we’re winning. No doubt about it,” Sheehan player Britney Bedon said. Last year Lyman Hall won the game, 36-19.

The excitement was palpable as the Titans painted “powder puff 2017” and “Sheehan puff” on their cars. 

Sheehan coach Cheryl Colwick said the motorcade is almost like a tree lighting ceremony, the beginning of the main event. 

“To me, tradition is very important. So (the motorcade) kind of sets the whole thing. The rules have changed… but the essence is still here, which is to get them excited for tomorrow,” Lyman Hall assistant coach Jeremy Walz said.

The pre-powder puff motorcade has been part of the Samaha Bowl for at least 40 years, Colwick said. Parents drive the players around town for about half an hour. 

“It’s a neat concept to have the parents drive. A lot of them were former players, so it’s kind of neat being the mother selected and seeing your daughter doing it when you did it,” Colwick said. 

There were cheers and shouts amidst excited car horns as the Lyman Hall team lined up for their motorcade. 

“It’s really fun. It’s amazing to see our small, little town kind of unite and support girls playing a boys game,” Walz said. 

“It feels great to finally have this opportunity as a senior and it’s something really special,” Lindsay Navickis, a Lyman Hall senior said as she put the finishing touches on her car.


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