Two Wallingford nurses disciplined by state for inappropriate prescriptions

Two Wallingford nurses disciplined by state for inappropriate prescriptions

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WALLINGFORD — Two local nurses were recently disciplined by the state for “inappropriately” prescribing drugs to family members.  

The state Board of Examiners for Nursing placed the licenses of twin sisters Joan Landino and Jane Buckley on probation last month and required the nurses to complete courses on prescribing practices and documentation standards, according to consent orders finalized last month. Landino and Buckley are both advanced practice registered nurses in town. 

Buckley said she and her twin sister were disciplined for prescribing medications to Landino’s ex-husband, John Roy, who is also an APRN working in Hamden. Buckley said she and Roy prescribed medication for each other for many years without realizing that laws barring prescribers from prescribing to family members also applied to ex-family members. Roy was also disciplined by the state last month for prescribing to Buckley. 

“We stopped the day they told us we can't do it,” Buckley said. While Landino was also disciplined for inappropriately prescribing to a family member, Buckley said she doesn’t believe her sister ever prescribed to Roy. Landino couldn’t be reached for comment. 

Buckley hopes her case will help educate other prescribers, particularly those who don’t realize they are barred from prescribing to ex-family members, she said. Buckley agrees that prescribers shouldn’t be allowed to prescribe to former family members because “there’s emotions there.”

By agreeing to the consent orders, Landino and Buckley did not admit wrongdoing, but chose not to contest the allegations at a hearing held by the Board of Examiners for Nursing, the orders state. Buckley said she and her sister are complying with the consent order.

Landino, the consent order stated, was disciplined for inappropriately prescribing a controlled substance for a family member in 2015 without documenting a medical evaluation for the family member, according to the consent order. Landino was also disciplined for inappropriately prescribing stimulants and benzodiazepines to one or more patients in 2016. 

Benzodiazepines are a classification of drug commonly used for treating anxiety. Landino, the order also alleges, prescribed controlled substances to patients without documenting a justification for the prescription. 

Buckley was disciplined for prescribing controlled substances for a family members and failed to “maintain medical records in connection with said prescriptions,” a consent order states.


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