Wallingford woman convicted of embezzling more than $175k from Middletown company

Wallingford woman convicted of embezzling more than $175k from Middletown company

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A Wallingford woman has been convicted and sentenced to probation for embezzling a little more than $178,000 from a Middletown company where she worked as a secretary and bookkeeper. 

Wendy Stocking, 43, of 40 Wooding Road, was charged on Aug. 14, 2017 with first-degree larceny and 41 counts of second-degree forgery. She pled no contest to one count each of first-degree larceny and second-degree forgery.

A no contest plea means Stocking does not admit guilt, but a judge made a finding of guilty. On Tuesday, Stocking was sentenced to an eight-year, fully suspended prison sentence and five years probation. 

On July 10, 2017 representatives from Giuffrida Electric Company reported that Stocking, an employee for 14 years, embezzled a large amount of money, according to her arrest warrant. Her duties included producing payroll checks and business expense checks.

While reviewing a June 2017 financial statement, one of the owners noticed checks for $8,944, $4,396, $3,760 and two for $1,880 were written to Stocking, the warrant said. The owner told police Stocking should not have been paid that much in a month, and that the checks were unauthorized. 

An accountant discovered Stocking had been making out checks for large sums to herself since April 2016, the warrant said. A total of 41 fraudulent checks were discovered. 

When Stocking arrived at work on July 10, she was confronted about the forged checks. She said she forged checks, the warrant said, but claimed she had only been forging them for two months. 

Stocking embezzled a total of $178,963 and described the payments as being for “training, bonus, medical reimbursement,” the warrant said. Pat Hughes, Stocking’s attorney, told police she was sorry and wanted to pay back the money, according to the warrant. 

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