Wallingford Property Transfers

Wallingford Property Transfers


WALLINGFORD — Property transfers reported from July 23 to Aug. 9

Margaret Bennett to Doebrick Derick and Christina Allen, 23 Morgan Drive, $329,000.

Brent Harvey to Darius L. Billings, 16 Audette Drive, $194,000.

Michael J. Whalen, committee to CitiMortgage, Inc., 8 Judd Square, $183,302.

Yalesville Properties, LLC, to Joseph Richello, 103 North Turnpike Road, $50,000.

Karn and Carl McKane-Pini to Bogdan Stopa, 1038 N. Farms Road, $280,000.

Jeffrey and Melissa Griffin to Donald and Jennifer Dwyer, 20 Bruce Lane, $240,000.

TPEP, LLC., to Megan L. Ciarlelli, 40 Forest Road, $230,000.

Joao aka John and Maria Ferreira to John and Kate Furdeck, 79 Pierson Drive, $265,000.

Thomas P. and Debra D. Vivari to Jeffrey Nobel, 11 Self Court, $420,000.

Kristine A. and Kornel A. Krechowecky to Raymond and Julie Piepenbring, 44 Valley Drive, $400,000.

Real and Micheline Gaudreault to David P. Greco, Jr. 6 Ono Drive, $185,000.

Joseph C. Richello to Wallingford Group, LLC, 59 N. Plains Hwy., $450,000.

David and Sandra DiSiasio to John H. Wright, 9 Halsey Drive, $332,000.

Fred and Marquerite Valenti to Nadine Koser, 19-4 Saint Andrews Circle, $310,000.

Irene Dominello to Wilfredo Domondon, 1039 Yale Ave., $176,000.

Ruth L. and Nels J. Folk to Bruce A. II and Roxanne L. Westlake, 32 Ridgewood Circle, $242,000.

Gerald A. Lombardo to Duan Shu Li and Jin Ming Xiong, 47 Sigwin Drive, $48,000.

Barbara J. Maturo to Queenee Alcedo, 3D Catherine Court, $200,000.

Susan L. Smith to Gerald A. Lombardo, 18 Oxford Trail, $232,500.

Toll CT Limited Partnership to Mir Azam and Sharmin Akhter, 37 Twin Pines Drive, $633,070.

Deutsche Bank National to Donna Jakiela, 8 Southside Court, $176,000.

Garrett an Suzanne Cook to Asif Jafurr, 8 Broadmeadow Road, $445,000.

Wallingford Grove, LLC. to Jerry S. Gomez, 7 Preston Drive, $406,600.

Christopher R. and Kathleen A. Branca to David A. and Christina Teresa Crocco, 30 Hintz Drive, $310,000.

Scott and Suzanne Cyr to John L. Orsini, 19 S. Branford Road, $720,000.

William E. Bohne and Jane B. Huelsman to Kathryn B. Nesti, 6 Birch Drive, $220,000.

Paul Ginebra to Patrick Morin, 315 S. Elm St., $107,250.

Estate of Anna M. Owen, William Owen, executor to Christopher A. and Ashley G. Owen, 17 Grieb Court, $262,502.

Angel U. Marin to Greg Lionetti, 5A Nadia Lane, $195,000.

Glenn and Valerie Stowik to Jason and Michelle Briglia, 121 Pierson Drive, $504,500.

JEMMA Properties, LLC to NRWA, LLC., 1103 Old Colony Road, $270,000.

Gaetano and Nicole Bimonte to Joseph and Robyn G. Reynolds, 10 Pogmore Drive, $327,000.

James J. and Catherine Sullivan to Michael J. Caleca, Angela Reed and Paul Dietrich, 38 Twin Oak Farm Road, $387,000.

Sarah C. Russell to Garrett Murray, 1163-D Old Colony Road, $209,000.

I b and Birgit Jorgensen to Christopher Pietras and Debbie Stelik, $256,200.

Toll CT III Limited Partnership to Harvey Ferguson, 1 Poppy Lane, $632,475.

Cytec Industries Inc to AI Chem and Cy US AcquiCo, Inc., 528 Cherry St., $7,870,714.

Richard A. Goodness to Brian Hopper, 127 Highland Ave., $205,000.

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