Wallingford property transfers

Wallingford property transfers


WALLINGFORD-Property transfers reported from Sept. 9 to Sept. 13

Zunilda Rocco to Victor Couture, 10 King St., $133,000.

Lynne M. Toomey and Pasquale R. D’Amato, 39 Fairlawn Drive, $533,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Margarito and Debra Godinez, 580 Center St., $115,299.

Cristina Potuin to D. Knight, 111 Staffordshire Commons, $190,000.

Adirondack Teton, LLC to North Brook Estates, LLC, 186 N. Plains Industrial Road, Unit 21, $150,000.

Dale Reeves to Dorothea Z. Cashman, 230 Main St., $70,000.

Kristina J. Lipeika to Thomas A. Peterman, 44 Brentwood Drive, $194,500.

Ronald J. and Maura D’Andrea to Douglas S. James, 9 Self Court, $422,500.

June Glidden to David and Caroline Barrante, 7 Old Lane Road, $314,000.

Douglas H. Rumanoff to Melissa A. Stegos, 8D Nadia Lane, $215,000.

AM Napolitano to John and Dorothy Lyskowski, 57 Duncan St., $285,000.

Paul A. Rish to Carolyn DePaulo, 31 Laurel View Park, $54,900.

4 Fairfield Boulevard Associates, LLC to Founder Associates, LLC, 4 Fairfield Boulevard, $3,322,129.

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