A solid approach to recycling by Meriden concrete company

A solid approach to recycling by Meriden concrete company

The Meriden Planning Commission is expected to review a project on Wednesday that reflects a trend toward more sustainable practices when it comes to concrete production operations in urban areas.

We find it commendable that the Suzio York Hill company is working toward limiting concrete waste. Company leaders say it’s simply the cost of doing business, but it’s worth noting that it’s also not very profitable. It is, primarily, a way to continue to make use of something instead of dumping it, an approach that increasingly makes sense to people in all walks of life and operations.

In the case of concrete, the Suzio company is planning to add a new recycling facility to its Westfield Road operation. The facility will sort concrete, stone and sand so they can be used for other purposes. The plan calls for a 1,200 square-foot building, several holding pits, and open-air space of 7,500 square feet.

Concrete that otherwise would go to waste will be taken to the new facility, where materials will be sorted into separate piles of stone, sand and concrete. Then they can be sold for other purposes, though, again, this is not a very profitable operation.

The project, which has already received approval from the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, also includes the building of a water basin that will increase the quality of water runoff.

All of which is a sign of good company practices.

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