EDITORIAL: Let us give thanks, today and every day

EDITORIAL: Let us give thanks, today and every day

Thanksgiving is here – that special Thursday when, at a point beyond turkey and football, we pause to be grateful for the blessings of this life, even as we ask how best to share that which we have with others.

No one can tell another how to feel grateful. It's something that must well up naturally. But the fruits of that gratitude can extend from the family table to devotional services to the indispensable work of local soup kitchens, food pantries and charitable organizations.

To all who unselfishly give that which they have and share what they can with others, a debt of gratitude and a word of praise are offered.

There are some people who suffer, often in silence, from loneliness, fear or despair. Perhaps they're alone –  without friends and family, or isolated from society's mainstream. Some are serving in the military, far from home, others are confined to nursing homes and hospitals, or facing serious health issues, or unemployment.

While every day of the year affords an opportunity for acts of kindness and caring, Thanksgiving Day reminds us of the need to look into the faces of strangers to see the goodness which dwells within. In so doing, a word of good cheer may come to mind, or even more: time spent with a shut-in, or a box of goodies to someone serving in our military.

Finally, there's the very real need to express thanks to those with whom we live, work and interact on a regular basis. People benefit from kindly deeds, a word of encouragement and simple displays of goodwill.

Let us be thankful – and show it, and live it. Let us look beyond the big meal and the big game, and share life's bounty.

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