EDITORIAL: Trick or Treat Day makes sense

EDITORIAL: Trick or Treat Day makes sense

Looking out the window it may be hard to believe that warm weather is right around the corner. But it is.

In Connecticut, however, some lawmakers are thinking beyond the spring and summer. They have fall on their mind.

State legislators are debating the creation of Trick or Treat Day, an alternative to trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

If Trick or Treat Day comes to be, youngsters in our state would no longer do their trick-or-treating on Halloween (Oct. 31), which often falls on a weekday. Instead, candy-collecting would take place the last Saturday in October.

The logic behind Trick or Treat Day is that kids would be better off trick-or-treating on a non-school night. Adults may prefer Saturday trick-or-treating as well, as weeknights can be hectic.

Trick or Treat Day is the brainchild of Star 99.9 radio’s Anna and Raven. Last October, the local hosts created a petition on MoveOn.org stating: “By creating a ‘Trick or Treat Day’ that falls on the last Saturday of October, more children (and adults!) can enjoy visiting neighbors and not have the worries of staying up or being out too late on a school/work evening. This does not affect the religious celebrations of Halloween that will remain on the 31st.”

Anna and Raven are looking to generate 1,000 signatures on MoveOn.org. Currently, 778 people have signed the petition.

Explaining the background of their Trick or Treat Day push, Anna and Raven wrote on MoveOn.org, they understand “the frustration of both parents and homeowners when trick or treating falls on a school night. Many love this tradition but when it lands on a day during the week, it becomes a burden for parents and homeowners alike … We believe that starting Connecticut's ‘Trick or Treat Day’  in October of 2018 gives state residents plenty of time to adapt to the new day of celebration and candy giving!”

Trick or Treat Day makes a lot of sense. It’s all the fun of Halloween, minus the stress that comes with hustling around on a weeknight.


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