OPINION: Time for a real change in Hartford

OPINION: Time for a real change in Hartford

Editor’s note: Candidates for elected office were invited to submit opinion pieces about their campaigns.

We all see the headlines:  stagnant job growth, more taxes and regulations, people and businesses leaving the state, and the permanent financial crisis that the state budget has become. How do we fix this mess?

For over 30 years the Democrats have controlled the state legislature. They have passed budget after budget with revenue gimmicks and have shown no ability or desire to control spending, or hold the line on taxes. While the state’s economy has grown at anemic levels since 1990, state spending has nearly tripled.   Has your income tripled since 1990?  Unfunded pension and health care costs are now approaching $75 billion.  If you ran your household or business like that you would be bankrupt.  For the Democrats, it is business as usual.

Einstein wittily noted that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. It is time for the voters and taxpayers of Connecticut to end the insanity that is the Democratic-controlled state legislature, and vote for change.  As your state representative, I will pledge to you the following:

■I will not vote for any tax increase, and will seek to reduce taxes where possible;

■I will not vote for placing tolls on Connecticut’s roads;

■I will vote for a lockbox program that keeps funding for roads out of the General Fund;

■I will not vote for any budget that increases state spending faster than the growth of Connecticut’s economy;

■I will vote to maintain services for those that are most vulnerable and in genuine need of aid.

At a recent candidate debate my opponent, Cathy Abercrombie, would not pledge to hold the line on taxes.  She indicated her support for placing tolls on our roads, which is just a commuter tax. She is clearly of the belief that there is more tax revenue to be had from the citizens to support further expansion of the state budget and its bureaucracy. This is the precise definition of a tax and spend politician.

In her 13 years in the state legislature, my opponent has voted with her party over 98 percent of the time.  She voted for each of Malloy’s tax increases. She has been complicit in the fiscal nightmare that her party has created, and still seeks your vote and support for the Democratic agenda. If you want to see more bad headlines, job loss and people moving out of state, then vote for Cathy and the Democratic ticket.  If you are tired of the mess that Connecticut finds itself in and believe we need real change in Hartford to turn things around, then vote for me and the Republican ticket.  Together we can begin to brighten Connecticut’s future.

Meriden resident Lou Arata is the Republican and Independent Party candidate for the 83rd House District.


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