OPINION: Please help me keep Wallingford affordable and awesome!

OPINION: Please help me keep Wallingford affordable and awesome!

Editor’s note: Mayoral and council candidates were invited to submit columns about their campaigns.

The hive of honey bees is a superorganism, defined as a group of individuals that work in concert to produce whatever the organism requires.

The foraging bees leave the hive, collecting pollen, nectar or propolis (a glue like substance from trees). When the hive requires more pollen, for example, the bees that work the interior of the hive signal to the foraging bees that collected the pollen that their labors are in demand.

That individual forager performs a “dance,” signaling to the other bees where exactly they can locate the pollen.

The foragers then work in concert to collect more of that pollen for the benefit of the hive. The job of the beekeeper is primarily to keep the hive in the most sustainable position with a keen eye and a light touch

. Keeping bees can be a frustrating and difficult proposition, but when done right can be extremely rewarding.

The beekeeper has very limited control over the hive; he merely attempts to keep the bees in the best position to thrive with minimal intervention. The bees know what they need, the beekeeper only guesses based on the evidence.

Any town, state or nation can be likened to a bee hive, and its legislative body as the beekeeper. How much do you tax before it becomes a drain on the residents?

What services do you need to provide, which ones can you eliminate, what infrastructure needs to be strengthened? These are the issues wrestled with by the Wallingford Town Council, along with every other town in Connecticut. A Council member needs to also approach town issues with a keen eye and ideally with minimal intervention.

During election season, we hear a lot of promises about great and small projects that we need to undertake to improve the lives of Wallingford residents.

I hear tales of public garbage collection, tales of building schools and tales of solar projects. These are all fine ideas, but I believe that most folks know exactly what they need from town: Low taxes and great critical infrastructure like power and police service.

It is easy to become distracted by any number of wanted items while losing focus on the things residents actually need.

It is the job of the wise Councilman to know the difference between the wants and the needs of the people. When working with my honey bees, I always try to have the least impact on the hive; let the bees do what they do best. As a Councilman, the less intrusive I can make Wallingford government while maintaining a strong infrastructure, the more I can help my fellow residents do what they do best.

We have a lot to be proud of! Route 5 is full of stores and looks better than at any point in my lifetime. Uptown is vibrant and busy nearly every night of the week.

The town cannot manufacture this type of success, they merely provided a little smoke, fed a little syrup and let the bees do what they saw fit to do.

Wallingford is a wonderful town with a great history. Please help me in keeping Wallingford affordable and awesome! I ask for your vote on November 7th.

Incumbent Republican Joe Marrone is a Wallingford town councilor.

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