OPINION: Fifth District candidates have different visions for America in 5th District race

OPINION: Fifth District candidates have different visions for America in 5th District race

Manny Santos, Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District, has a vision for America that includes economic prosperity for all citizens. 

To be fair, his Democrat opponent also has a vision.  But, sadly, her proposals offer nothing beyond the pie in the sky policies of the Obama administration that we have seen simply do not work.

The Affordable Care Act (official name for Obamacare), is a case in point. Everyone wants better, less expensive health care. Instead, Democrats are promoting a taxpayer-funded government system that costs trillions of dollars, rations health care, and reduces the quality of care. 

Santos wants to fix this by either overhauling Obamacare so it works, or scrapping it until we can come up with a plan that actually provides better access to healthcare at an affordable cost. 

Santos’ opponent, Democrat Jahana Hayes, fails to see the overwhelming problems inherent in Obamacare. That is a big problem for the people she wants to represent, people who are not getting the affordable care they need with the existing system.

Immigration is another issue on which Santos and his opponent do not see eye to eye.

As an immigrant who came to the United States with his family legally, Manny greatly favors people coming to our country legally and strongly favors a strictly administered path to legalization (not citizenship) for the 750,000 children brought here illegally by their parents.

However, in the interest of fairness and our interest and ability to protect our borders, Manny opposes granting citizenship to the 20 to 30 million people who have settled in our country illegally. 

On the other hand Hayes, has no problem with granting citizenship to these illegal immigrants. 

Her position, in essence, would open our borders to pretty much anyone who wants to come. Clearly, that is not in our best interests. 

Congress has become much divided, because its members no longer believe in similar outcomes for our country.

We need a representative that will fight for individual rights, personal responsibility, and adherence to the law, lower taxes and friendly to job creators.

Manny Santos is an experienced municipal leader and has proven he can win elections, having decisively beaten a three-term incumbent mayor. He’s got impressive leadership skills and toughness, due to his service in the Marines (and served in First Gulf War). His experience as an immigrant is invaluable in helping to solve our illegal immigration problem.

He can start work in Congress on day one; he doesn’t need on-the-job training.

By real-world qualifications and on issues, Manny Santos’ vision is more aligned with traditional American values and on the understanding of our constitution.

Republican Anna Neumon is former deputy mayor and city councilor of Meriden.



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