OPINION: Meriden at the starting line

OPINION: Meriden at the starting line

Editor’s note: Mayoral and council candidates were invited to submit columns about their campaigns.

Good morning!

I’m Mike Reynolds. I’m 58. I teach Civics and American History in an inner-city high school in Hartford. I’ve had the honor of serving on our Board of Education and Cable TV Advisory Board here in Meriden. I’ve served on the Boards of Directors of two of our nonprofits, and as a citizen member of the R-J’s Editorial Board. I’ve worked here and taught here for fifteen years, and I’m certainly no stranger to these pages.

I’m running to be your City Councilor in Meriden’s 3rd Council Area. I get it - I know you’re a busy voter, an active citizen who just wants to know what’s important, so I’ll start with the things that are most important to me, and see if you agree with them.

First, I’m a progressive and a life-long Democrat. I believe in using the power of government to help ensure equal treatment, safety, opportunity, and a decent standard of living for all of our citizens. I’m in favor of empowering schools, local business and strong unions to work together to help bring this about. To this end I’m also endorsed by the Working Families Party, The American Federation of Teachers, and AFCSME. I support providing the best education for our children. And I strongly support the Arts, which celebrate passion, thought, and the highest of human achievement.

I know that a city cannot “shrink its way to greatness” by simply cutting costs, cutting taxes, and cutting services, (as my opponent has been advocating for so many years), I believe the only way to have a vital city is to have a vital downtown where all citizens - rich, poor and in between (like me) - can live, work, and enjoy themselves. This investment will spur economic growth by growing the grand list and keeping property taxes stable.

I’m “Meriden by choice.” I moved here in 2003 because I saw this city’s enormous possibilities. Because of this, I enthusiastically support the achievements which Meriden Democrats have worked to bring about since I came to live here – two virtually new high schools completed on time and under budget while providing hundreds of jobs for Meriden residents, our flood control issues solved with a beautiful new town green, and initiatives to incent and create a revitalized downtown.


I see Meriden as a city that can support the needs of all its citizens. Meriden is at the starting line toward becoming an amenity-rich, safe, and exciting place to live. I hope that you will support me and the rest of our Democratic team with your vote on November 7.

Democrat Mike Reynolds is seeking election in Meriden’s Area 3.

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