OPINION: Meriden on the rise

OPINION: Meriden on the rise

Since you have bestowed upon me the honor of being elected mayor, highlighting the progress we have made, the successes of our citizens and opportunities we are now realizing, has been our focus. Leading with a bipartisan relationship among our elected officials, we have calmed the divisive political climate, energized downtown and brought life to upper East Main Street.

While recognizing the transformation of our City’s downtown, we cannot ignore the amount of development along the East Main Street corridor. What was once a stretch of overgrown lots and empty buildings in need of repair, is now a destination for new businesses. The area has witnessed several construction projects, including the reuse of the old Jacoby’s site, just months from completion. Research Parkway has also welcomed a number of large companies, bringing dozens of new jobs to our city. In addition, we have launched a new program to help small businesses invest and expand with the “Meriden Match” program. This program helps alleviate the struggles small business owners often encounter when looking to expand their business, granting them a forgivable loan contribution from the City.

Meriden is on the rise and we are pointing toward progress. This year we have spent a considerable amount of effort beautifying our parks and expanding our linear trail system. Residents who take advantage of visiting our beautiful Hubbard Park will notice roadway and sidewalk improvements throughout the park and an installation of an irrigation system. Our linear trail, beginning along the Quinnipiac River, will continue expanding to our new Meriden Green downtown.

Another issue that was a priority for our team was the heavy tax burden felt by all of our citizens, including our seniors and veterans. We increased the senior tax credit plan that had not been modified in over 20 years. A tax credit for the brave men and women in our Armed Forces, who fought for our freedom, was initiated and supported by our leadership team and the City Council. We have looked to tighten our budget by scrutinizing all expenditures, limit spending and bring in new business and tax paying entities. If provided the honor to continue serving as your mayor, I pledge to work closely with all elected leaders to minimize the tax burden on homeowners and assure we continue to have the highest quality essential services.

Since 2015, Meriden has seen lasting changes that will benefit our community and residents for decades to come. We must continue our momentum and success into the future. For our students who are learning in brand new state-of-the-art high schools, our seniors and veterans who deserve greater tax relief, to our small and large business owners who seek help from the city to bring jobs and new development. When looking around the Silver City, one cannot help but point toward the progress we have made for a brighter future.

It is an honor to be your Mayor. I believe in our city, our residents and I ask for your vote on Election Day.

Unaffiliated incumbent Kevin Scarpati is Meriden’s mayor.


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