LETTERS: Wallingford taxes / Meriden Area 3 campaign / Southington taxes / Vehicle idling

LETTERS: Wallingford taxes / Meriden Area 3 campaign / Southington taxes / Vehicle idling

Idle(ing) thoughts


I appreciated Mary Heffernon’s letter on the benefits of reducing the amount of vehicle idling, but since the same figures she used have also recently appeared in a newsletter from the Wallingford Electric Division, I feel compelled to point out the mathematical disconnect in the information. The statement that a vehicle consumes 1/5 of a gallon of gasoline per hour while idling does not correlate with that same vehicle burning enough of fuel idling for two minutes to drive a mile – unless the vehicle gets 150 miles per gallon (1/5 gallon per hour = 1/150 gallon burned in two minutes of idling). For a 30 mpg vehicle, which is a little better than the national average of 25 mpg, two minutes of idling would translate into driving 1/5 of a mile, or to flip it around, ten minutes of idling equals one mile driving.

I do hope that my nitpicking does not alter anyone’s viewpoint concerning her well-written letter. Her argument to shut off rather than idle an engine is convincing regardless of this particular calculation.

Robert L. Bertekap Jr., Wallngford

Great public service


During the municipal campaigns, readers of the Record-Journal were reminded again how much we value our local newspaper. Year-round we appreciate the careful attention given to our communities by the reporters, the thoughtful editorial commentaries, and the diverse perspectives among the columnists.

In the political season, the Readers’ Opinions section becomes the public square that no longer exists in our towns.

It is the safe space where otherwise voiceless individuals can mount their soapboxes. Through letters to the editor we explain our allegiance to favored candidates and skewer the opposition. Letter-writers help define the issues of the day, advance an ideology and hold candidates accountable.

Today “echo chamber” defines so many of the political venues — cable television, talk radio and social media — where we self-select exposure to solely our pre-conceived notions. The letters-to-editor page demands our attention to other views as well.

We should particularly applaud the newspaper’s extraordinary policy of allowing nearly every letter-writer the opportunity to be published. Citizens in the Record-Journal’s service area are fortunate, for the passionate debate within its Readers’ Opinions page enriches our democracy.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden



It was interesting to see the number of questions asked by the media concerning over-taxation in Wallingford at the pre-election debates. The Mayor deflected in his answers, however it is difficult to refute 5 years worth of state mandated audits. Additionally, the unaudited report was released for this past FY ending in June 2017 and it again showed very large surpluses in the budget. One has to wonder whether our council ever reads and understands these reports...

It is the responsibility of the council chairman on behalf of all Wallingford taxpayers to lead the effort to either debunk these claims or insist that the administration stop submitting overstated budgets that result in unnecessary tax increases, however thus far he has not done so by stating that he believes the audit numbers are incorrect. The facts must prevail above party loyalty if we are to ever get back to governing for the people.

There is always hope that a new council and new chairman will address this issue in the upcoming budget.

While complaining about state taxes, which are very real, the council is ignoring the large year-in, year-out growth in municipal taxes under our noses in our own town that are much higher than state taxes for most residents.

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford

Thanks in Area 3


Hey, I broke 1,000! In the November 7th election for City Council, I received 1056 votes from the residents of Area 3. Considering I was running against a multi-term councilor and the Minority Leader, this is not bad! I’ll take it.

Let me take this space to give my sincere thanks to Millie Torres-Ferguson and the members of our Democratic Town Committee, The Meriden Federation of Teachers, AFSCME, The Working Families Party, and especially Councilors Mike Cardona and Sonya Jelks for all your help and support. Knowing the odds of winning in this campaign, I primarily ran to continue getting our message of growth and fairness out to the community, and in this goal, I believe I succeeded — my party’s majority on the council increased. I’d like to thank my friends and neighbors here in Area 3 for agreeing to this message and voting for me and the rest of our Democratic team.

Mike Reynolds, Meriden

A taxing question


The taxes on my home in Southington have risen $523 from 2009 to 2016. That represents a 6 percent increase. Unless I am really missing something, the claim that our taxes have gone up 31 percent seems to be, let’s just say untrue.

I’d like to see the source of data and the way it seems to have been obtained and twisted by whoever is responsible for putting up those big yellow signs.

Michael J Fasulo, Southington

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