LETTERS: Anthem issue / Meriden City Hall / President Trump

LETTERS: Anthem issue / Meriden City Hall / President Trump

The anthem issue


I would like to compliment your newspaper for publicizing bar owner Ed Ruszczyk’s stand against the NFL with front page coverage in Saturday’s edition. I would also like to compliment Mr. Ruszczyk.

It is rare that a business owner would risk losing business by taking a stand against what he believes is wrong, that is the NFL owners’ refusal to punish, or even admonish players who disrespect their country by not standing during the National Anthem.

Dick Barbieri, Wallingford



Meriden citizens: If I understand the facts correctly ... in mid 2016, Larry Kendzior put in his resignation as City Manager to the City Council. A search was made for a replacement and Guy Scaife was found to be the best person available to be the new city manager or general to lead the Council and City in the direction in which the Council felt it should go.

After all, they, the council, are our civic leadership. The council laid out a plan and Mr. Scaife followed it to a “T” and within the year was given a 2 percent raise for his good work. In November of 2017, an election of town officials took effect and some changes were made in the council.

Now fault was being taken on how Guy Scaife was doing his job in serving the request originally given him to realign how the city was functioning as an operating entity and he was asked to adjust his approach. Being the man of quality that he is and how effective his work was, he stood strong on his convictions and was fired for doing so. The “party of 8” who fired Guy Scaife are individuals who volunteered their services and were so elected to lead the City of Meriden in a form that is to benefit Meriden citizens overall, not themselves. They have proven themselves derelict to Meriden citizens’ interests and interested only in self preservation of the “old school / buddy system” that is killing us. The “party of 8” needs to be replaced.

The persons who came in second in the 11/17 voting are, I’m sure, ready to serve in their place. Guy Scaife was doing such a great job. Meriden needs to give him the opportunity to finish the job as originally directed.

Lauren Humpage, Meriden

Animal abusers


I am fed-up reading about people that leave animals outside in this terrible weather to suffer and possibly die.

Hopefully, when these offenders appear before our court system, the courts will order them to never again own an animal of any kind.

Finally all low-life, please do the City of Meriden a favor and move out. Better still, the state!

William Godburn, Meriden

Not my president!


Tom Steyer? Scott Dworkin? Not exactly “household names” but I think in the future historians may refer to these men as 21st century patriots who began the march toward impeachment against this illegitimate sycophant POTUS. Their efforts that I hope all of you will support will give the nation back to us.

This past year has been a nightmare. The US is no longer the leader of the Free World. Trump follows the playbook of a tyrant: deny, lie and say that the lie is the truth. He attacks the free press, questions our judiciary and states that our election system is “rigged.” This is how a despot operates.

When will that 29 percent that support him and believe, as stated on their red caps, “Make Russia Great Again” wake up? Maybe when they realize that his new tax plan only benefits the .01 percent in the nation and that lower taxes for corporations will mean more money will go to pay stockholders and executive bonuses. We tried that “trickle down” before … it doesn’t work.

So, Trump supporters, sooner or later you will realize that your ersatz POTUS is a real fake.

Face it: you were “played.” What will you do now? You got us into this “mess.” Not my president!

Paul E. Gradwell, Meriden

Reminders of evil


All old historical statues and figures of people from the past need to stay as a reminder to all Americans of the cruelty of slavery from the time of Columbus to the mid 1960’s fight for freedom just like the Europeans have preserved all of the German concentration camps in World War II. They have to stand to remind us of the evil that people can do since time memorial. Examples: The Spanish inquisition; the torture chambers in Europe have been preserved. The Tower of London is still standing where many were killed. Movies of AdolfHilter are still being shown. In “Judgment at Nuremberg,” a stirring film from 1962, real film of people exterminated and put in mass graves were shown. The European and Salem, Mass., witch trials and Murders Museums still have the historical artifacts from the 1600s. We would be forgetting about the millions of victims who succumbed to the evil that past humans created by destroying all of the evil structures. It would be a terrible disservice to these victims by omitting all of these events statues. Remember the Alamo/Pearl Harbor/Sept. 11, 2001. People complain that serial killers like the Manson and the dating game killer, who possibly murdered 135 people, have had their 15 minutes of fame, which also led to movies. Remember the “Twilight Zone” episode about a concentration camp. Why is it still standing? Rod Serling said “it has to as a reminder to the world when men thought they were gods.” Someday good will prevail over evil. It’s up to us and our politicians. We have to try. We have to want peace.

Nick Piccolo, Southington

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