LETTERS: Local muslims react to Texas church shooting / Trump is a con man

LETTERS: Local muslims react to Texas church shooting / Trump is a con man

Tragedy in Texas


Muslim Americans are hurting over Sunday's church shooting in Texas that stole too many sacred lives. We'll not only pray for our terrorized compatriots and fellow believers in God but do everything in our power to defend all houses of prayer.We are with you. May God be with you our Christian siblings. May we wake up to justice and curbing radicalization in every guise, starting domestically. While wealth will always take precedence over lives to a powerful few, at least we, the people, can help prevent the divide and slaughter of our own through education, winning hearts with love, and leading by example. We'll increase our regular visits to churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship as well as hosting visits from them at our Baitul Aman House of Peace Mosque in South Meriden. Let’s get together soon.

Syeda Sana Shah and Zahir Muhammad Mannan,

Special citizens?


If you are an average American living a middle income life, we are being hijacked by a wealthy con man. His support comes from the wealthy and people that can't think! There should be a demand of this guy's removal before more damage on the worldwide scene! Think about your children and grandchildren that will be fighting all their lives for a fair shake at the wealth this country hoards for its special citizens. Insist your congressman or lady to do something or quit your position for a non-bought soul!

John Francis, Meriden

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