LETTERS: Meriden’s east side / Thin blue line / Russian politics

LETTERS: Meriden’s east side / Thin blue line / Russian politics

Meriden is a treasure


I was pleasantly surprised when I read in the week-end newspaper that an office building was proposed for the east side of Meriden.  This is an outstanding addition to the other new construction being completed in the next few months in that area and the upgrades made by neighboring property owners.

On Dec. 15, 2014, councilmen Brian Daniels and David Lowell submitted a resolution to the City Council that sought to increase private construction on underutilized or vacant property, increase traffic to existing businesses and improve the economic viability of Meriden's east side. Their insight and actions have certainly made that corridor a great gateway into the city and given us new restaurants, retail space, and office opportunities.

This was always the goal of the resolution. Congratulations Brian and David. Their vision, perception and understanding go a long way in molding Meriden into  the "Treasure of Central Connecticut."I am sure that Mayor Kevin and the rest of the Democratic-led council will continue that growth. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next step of improvement and development, and maybe another resolution or two.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

The thin blue line


Paper early. Recuperating from Thanksgiving — appreciation family, old friends and new horizons. Legal felines (cats) happy and content on Democratic win. Congratulations, just remember you work for all of us. Ed, Mike, Paul, and Kevin, any solutions to state problems instead of attacking Donald, get over it and move on. Thanks Nick for repeating my thoughts — poor people make bad choices. Illegal immigrants don’t become citizens because they don’t assimilate. What happened to the melting pot? Look at what you wrote about your parents becoming citizens ASAP. Please enlighten me how you can live in America without a Social Security card. It was I.D. for my monthly blood test. Illegals in Meriden, 1800. No Social Security number, no tax earner under $24,000, receive state and federal earned income tax credit. Wealthy people should pay fair share. Define wealthy and fair share. Poor have no skin in the game — 49 percent don’t pay any taxes. Successful punished, losers rewarded, born or legally immigrated in U.S.A. gives you opportunity to be what you want to become or do. Just say thank you on Thanksgiving. Profiling, the real story: All of the studies show prejudice by police. Police stop lawbreakers. Example: stop sign violation. No license, no registration, no insurance. Back talk, comply, hands on the wheel, comply, equals ticket. My father, legal immigrant, said, “you have only one name, do not defame it.” Read Record-Journal court records and blotter. Is it safe to drive in Meriden? The thin blue line puts their lives on the line every day to protect you and me. Support our police officers for keeping us safe. Addendum: Fire Department letter Friday, Nov. 10. Kudos to Pepperman who devoured my bumper crop of hot peppers.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

Backward and corrupt


I felt such a chill recently, watching the “60 Minutes” interview with Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Putin's rival in the Russian presidential race. Although Navalny's brother is still imprisoned, and he is jailed regularly for speaking out, he is willing to risk his life in hope of releasing his country from its despotic regime. When asked "What is Russia's biggest problem?" he answered immediately with one word, "Poverty." He said there is no hope for the lower classes to advance, while a small and obscenely wealthy oligarchy owns nearly everything. Navalny's supporters use drones to photograph the hundreds of "palaces" of those who control nearly all of the money.

And I realized, he's describing the future of our country. A budget that cuts taxes in perpetuity for our oligarchs, that rewards corporate greed and relocation, will eventually insure that the Paul Ryans and Orrin Hatches will say there is no money left to sustain the “entitlements.” These "entitlements" of Social Security and Medicare, paid for by American workers, allow our shrinking middle and lower classes some breathing room. But we can afford corporate welfare payments and a defense budget twice as high as next-in-line China.

Meanwhile, as China realizes environmental protection is a medical and economic necessity, we stand alone in rejecting the 195 countries that signed the Paris Climate Accord.

Wildfires that won't stop, storms of epic proportions, and billions of dollars in green technology development are ignored in favor of drilling and fracking in fragile ecosystems.

With shrinking support from our former allies, America may stand alone as a backward, corrupt republic of tsars and serfs, with only the ruling class afforded the luxuries of education and medical care.

Teresa Kristan, Wallingford

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