LETTERS: White working class and Trump / Cathy Abercrombie / Resistance

LETTERS: White working class and Trump / Cathy Abercrombie / Resistance

White working class


Whether it’s a credit for an energy-efficient appliance, a tax deduction taken for interest on a mortgage, a non-taxable employer-paid health insurance plan, a student loan, an unemployment or disability payment, these are all programs created by the government to help out the Middle Class. Yet a recent survey asked the Middle Class if they had ever received any help from the government. Over 56% said they had not. In fact, 92% had. It’s this misunderstanding and the misunderstandings and fears relating to immigration that caused the White Working Class to vote for Trump.

In 2015, the interest deduction alone saved middle-income taxpayers $70 Billion, twice as much as the budget for Section 8 and public housing for the poor. The number of disabled workers has skyrocketed and a lot of this increase is going to our hard-working Middle Class. As our population ages,  we are now spending over $220 Billion on disability a year. This is more than the money spent on welfare, food stamps, lunch programs and subsidized housing combined.

The WWC is the 2/3 of our white workers without a 4-year college degree. They are hardworking people who perform some type of specialized skill and do it well. 72% of men and 62% of women of the WWC voted for Trump.

Almost 83% of Trump’s recent tax cuts went to the top 1%. The deficit caused by those tax cuts will have to be repaid, more than likely by the Middle Class. It’s not the lack of government money going to the WWC that should be causing their concern. It’s also not the abundance of money going to the struggling poor. They shouldn’t be worried about immigrants taking their jobs or costing them money. What they should be worried about is the rich taking every cent they have.

John Scarmana, Meriden

For Cathy Abercrombie


I have been a friend of Cathy Abercrombie for many years and she has always been one of the main champions for Meriden. She has always pointed out to people the good points in Meriden and she never harps on the bad. Cathy sees what needs to be done in Meriden and she works with the state to get the problems resolved the right way. Cathy is always available for help and when she can’t help she makes sure she gives you the proper contact information of someone who can. I have worked in daycare for a long time and she has always been a advocate for Care4kids and any programs dealing with autism. We are very lucky to have her as one of our State Representatives. Thank you.

Karen Bergeron, Meriden

A classic for the ages


A character from a William Styron novel explains to his wife why their upcoming move, from Paris, would be much better destined for southern Italy, than their native Virginia homeland:  

“Because it [the USA] is the land where the soul gets poisoned out of pure ugliness.”

Hmm.  Were Styron still here, I think he would want to help us resist the societal path we’re being told to obey and take, by an unmandated president.  A president so incompetent he’s unaware of – or doesn’t care about – the bliss-less abyss that lies at path’s end.  That is, a place without truth and integrity, yet rich in poisonous diversion/divisiveness.  A place graced now with the sounds of Trump calling us traitors.

Brian Smith, Meriden


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