LETTERS: Meriden needs a hardware store

LETTERS: Meriden needs a hardware store

A needed service


A while back I read that the former Kaye's pharmacy building would be getting a new life in the form of the Ace Hardware Company.

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was to hear the news. For the longest time I have been forced to drive miles out of town just to purchase the simplest of household items.

When I read the good news I was happy not only for residents living on the east side but for the entire city of Meriden.

The presence of this service to the area is one of great need. Upon reading my Sunday morning paper I was saddened to hear that Ace has changed their minds about occupying the location due to the fact they could not reach an agreement with the present company who own the property, but some things we have no power to change.

I hope some other company in the hardware business will take notice and see this as an opportunity to fill a very needed service to our town.

Richard Kunze, Meriden

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