LETTERS: 5th Congressional, Liberal chaos, Meriden Democrats, Vote Fontaine in the 90th 

LETTERS: 5th Congressional, Liberal chaos, Meriden Democrats, Vote Fontaine in the 90th 

Editor’s note: The following letter was received before the 100-word limit for election-related letters went into effect.

Support Manny Santos


I am a former resident of the 5th Congressional District in CT. During my 12 years in Meriden I came to know Manny Santos. I was very happy when I learned that he is running for the seat now held by Elizabeth Esty in Congress. Not only is he a reliable conservative Republican who will vote according to those principles, but he is an honest citizen who comes from “the people.” Thus his voice will authentically represent the wishes and decisions of the citizens.

Unfortunately this also means that he does not have the backing of any “big money” supporters and must depend on those same citizens to help finance his campaign. This is a frightening prospect in this day of multi-thousand dollar campaigns. I strongly urge the citizens of Connecticut not only to send your financial support to “Manny Santos for Congress,” but to urge friends and family outside of Connecticut to donate to help change this perennially Democrat seat to Republican. We need citizens in Congress, not more politicians.

Pat Martick, Knoxville, TN

The chaos to come


The editorial cartoon on Sept. 1 disgusted me! You not only mock religion, the president, but conservatives in general.

Gov. Dan Malloy and the democrats have taken Connecticut to hell in a handbasket. Well, when the middle income class get sick of the liberalism, the welfare class who don’t carry their own weight, bailouts for Hartford, outrageous spending on terrible roads and bridges, a waste of money on useless train stations, illegal immigrants and never-ending tax increases, it will be like Moses leading his people to the Promised Land and all that will be the end of Connecticut and the beginning of chaos.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Struggling taxpayers


Meriden’s revised budget clearly shows the Democrat-controlled council does not give a damn about struggling taxpayers. When Bob Stefanowski becomes our next governor, cities and towns will be forced to cut spending because they won’t get the state aid amount they’re used to. Lavish spending and handouts will end. This November vote Republican.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Vote for Fontaine


I am excited to support Dan Fontaine for our 90th District Representative on Nov. 6th. Dan is committed to the rights of all citizens while Craig Fishbein has pushed an extreme social agenda: of CT’s 151 Representatives, he was one of four opposed to the Women’s Pay-Equity bill, one of eight allowing gay conversion therapy on children, and the only one supporting dual arrest for domestic violence victims. Additionally, he is committed to rolling back Sandy Hook gun reforms and voted against the ban on bump stocks.

Please vote for Dan Fontaine, a candidate with respect for all.

Laura Lytton, Cheshire


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