LETTERS: Fake News, Wallingford warehouses proposal, Election woes

LETTERS: Fake News, Wallingford warehouses proposal, Election woes

‘Fake news’


Maybe it’s time to point out what is meant by the term “fake” news. It doesn’t mean false news but rather the use of words to slant and direct the meaning.

I noticed an example in an article from the RJ of Jan 3rd by the AP. The wording was .”..so the partial shutdown persisted ... over his demand for billions of dollars to build a wall....” This is a true statement, but worded to put President Trump in the worst light. So we all say “wow, billions of dollars, how could he?

“The article cleverly leaves out the actual amount to let your mind wander, and ponder, until it appears to be so much worse than it is. It could have said .”..for 5 billion dollars, which is .114 percent of the $4.407 trillion yearly budget....” Now we all would realize that 5 billion dollars is insignificant when you consider the way money is burnt in Washington. It gives a different perspective: that The Democrats are refusing to yield on the wall, for the wall itself, and to resist the President.

We should be demanding that facts be presented without bias, without opinion, in an in depth way, in an honest objective way, without the word games. Then the term “fake” news will have no meaning. Until then it will continue to be fake news.

Lawrence Brancato, Wallingford

A very bad idea


After reading Mr. Stephen Knight’s multiple op-eds that were published in the Record-Journal, I am left with more questions than answers.

Why is Mr. Knight so persistent in seeing this truck terminal/warehouse being built? What I can tell you is that Mr. Knight has a long history in the trucking businesses. What is for sure is that he lives far away from it and will be more likely unaffected. However, as someone who believes in transparency I will tell you what my stake is in this monstrosity of a project that is being in our back yards.

As a staunch pro-business Republican, myself much like Mr. Knight, I really tried to look at both sides of the fence to see the pros and cons to the town as a whole; I ended up realizing very quickly that this proposal is a bad deal all the way around. Economically, the town will be taking a major hit in tax Income that Bristol-Myers provided; this is simply settling. A few weeks ago, there was a broken-down tractor-trailer on Research that spilt massive amounts of oil, in a protected watershed area in front of the BMS property. Also, of my concern that tractor-trailers will use our neighborhood as a cut-through; as seen just last week when an Amazon tractor-trailer flew down Cliffside Drive after a neighbor posted video footage of it. This is a very bad idea all around, and we all will lose. I urge the commission to vote no, just on the traffic aspect alone.

David DeBlasi, Wallingford

Not a good fit


It is curious that a former member of the Wallingford Town Council turned columnist for the Record-Journal appears to be the staunchest supporter for the mega-warehouse proposed on the former BMS property on Research Parkway. His main argument, to allay the concerns of Wallingford residents, is to assure everyone that all relevant agencies are made up of people of high integrity who have spent countless hours reviewing all risks of such a project.

Instead of talking about the issues themselves, i.e. risks imposed to wetlands, our reservoir and aquifer, traffic flow, air and noise pollution, storage of hazardous waste, etc., he tells us to trust in the good intentions of Wallingford bureaucracy.

But the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. It is assumed that those who serve in a government role are people of integrity, but that is beside the point. During the PZC public hearing of Dec. 10, a great number of equally good-willed people, some of whom served in government or had relevant expertise, raised serious and substantive concerns that needed to be addressed. The patronizing opinions are a slap in the face to the public. It is the taxpayers that fund their government and it is their will that is tantamount. It was equally insulting to schedule a vote immediately after hearing from the public without due diligence and deliberation as to what they presented. The final straw was to end public debate as of end of the public hearing.

The demolition and subsequent construction and operation pose disconcerting risk to public health, safety and quality of life. This nightmare proposal is simply not an appropriate fit for this town. Wallingford should be at least equally concerned in preserving and protecting the integrity of the residential properties for which they first zoned.

Virginia Heeran, Wallingford

Did I say it’s crazy?


Well, it still isn’t over. It’s been several weeks since the mid-term election and one result still isn’t certified. This is crazy. Florida, Georgia, Arizona were the biggies. But there was chaos thrust with stupid laws about provisional ballots, unregistered voters, under voters and over voters. There were ballots lost (and ballots found in the trunk of a rented car at an airport). There was a suppression of voters, allegations or fraud, some trying to decide a voter’s intent from a blank selection, demanding a recount after losing by 60K voters, charges of racism and ballot harvesting. In another, the loser was claimed by the winner. And about that uncertified vote in the North Carolina 9th District, “there’s something sinister about taking (nearly two months) to count each and every vote”. (RJ 12-30-18) Did I say it was crazy?

Even closer to home it was a bit strange too. Connecticut went further left, with more Democrats elected. It gave Gov. Malloy a third term when it elected Lamont. As for Gov. Dannel II, he wants “continuity” (R-J) with his predecessor, considered the worst governor in the country. On the one hand, the new governor is searching the country for new department heads and on the other he has just picked retiring Lt. Gov. Wyman to head the party. Expect higher taxes and tolls for all.

Then there’s Meriden. This summer the people voted against the Democrat budget by an incredible 24-1 margin. Then the public reversed itself from a 96-4 percentage margin against the Democrats to 60-40 percent for them in the midterms. The council did virtually nothing except to fool the public with their games. They are already restoring the few SRO and NI jobs it had cut. And 58 employees will take the retirement package. Did I say it was crazy?

John Montgomery, Meriden


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