LETTERS: Fake news, Immigration laws, Wallingford warehouses

LETTERS: Fake news, Immigration laws, Wallingford warehouses

Fake news, word games


A recent letter on this topic used an example of what the writer considered bias in an AP article. He suggested that “… so the partial shutdown persisted … over his demand for billions of dollars to build a wall …” could have read … “for 5 billion dollars, which is .114 percent of the $4.407 trillion year budget …” in order not to slant the news. He believes this would provide more perspective, that people would then consider the amount insignificant. I would suggest that it also could have read “… for 5 billion dollars, which would be a down payment on a project that is estimated to cost between 20-30 billion dollars.” So “word games,” to which the writer referred, can go in many directions. 

Larry Byron, Meriden

Respect immigration laws


After reading the article concerning Sujitno Sajuti and the 14 months he has sought sanctuary at a local church, I believe most of us have compassion for him and hope he eventually will be able to remain permanently in this country.

However, I have little sympathy for the situation he finds himself in as it is of his own making. He made a conscious decision to remain in the United States illegally after his student visa expired rather than return to Indonesia and attempt to legally immigrate to the United States. Many of us have family and/or friends who have waited or are waiting years to legally immigrate to the United States.

For whatever reasons Sajuti had an apparent sense of entitlement and believed he should be able to “jump the line” and remain permanently in the United States. His current living conditions may be somewhat Spartan; however, they are no more Spartan than many awaiting a decision, in various countries, on their immigration applications. 

The majority of individuals illegally in this country have overstayed their visas.

There needs to be an efficient system for tracking individuals with visas and aggressive enforcement of the terms of those visas.

Immigration courts should be properly staffed with judges, support staff and translators so asylum claims can be fairly and promptly evaluated. Facilities should be in place to humanely house those seeking asylum until their immigration cases are resolved.

This would eliminate “catch and release” as the majority of those released do not appear for court dates which can be one year from the initial asylum interview. Both political parties should cease using DACA recipients as bargaining chips in the immigration debate and provide them permanent legal status.

The United States should continue being a welcoming country to all who respect its immigration laws.

Jim Seichter, Wallingford

Tried again


I was content to wait for the Jan. 14 and final P&Z meeting until I read another editorial.  For (9) months I’ve heard deception. Newspaper, blasting, daycare, electric and concessions that will resurface; making me skeptical, officials should be too. “End of the day” Dec. 29; the lights still shine at BMS, was that all for an early decision or field office?

Building a 23-acre warehouse on the town’s primary watershed area.  Why would anyone object to piling on conditions beforehand, with town officials having so many concerns?   Insistent residents watched Spring Lake fill with mud when BMS was built (quarter the size), some water wells made unusable and my chloride amounts increasing.

Forty times a regular approval.  Were (3) P&Z meetings enough given the magnitude and multiple threats this poses to the town?  The IWWC struggled thru (4) meetings about the land and the P&Z has many more issues.

Special permit.  Not just for traffic.  Look at sect. 4.9C4 (cut and fill). Do you think cutting 65 feet deep and filling, along with burying the remains of the BMS building, to make a 60-acre plateau shouldn’t warrant concern?  It’s a massive topography change of a natural buffer that will be gone.

This is not a cut and dry decision,  ALL  P&Z  regs should be used,  i.e. sect. 7.5B especially regarding traffic and topography change.

Sect. 4.13 (WPD) places additional restrictions on the entire IX zone.  The watershed and my aquifer will be further affected by the extensive topography change and heavy truck use.

Sect. 4.9F3 .  All kinds of noise, and diesel exhaust, is that a good neighbor?

I’m still concerned about where plowed dirty snow will be stored avoiding the better than nature cleaning devices. If passed, I tried again.

Jack Arrigoni, Wallingford


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