LETTERS: Wallingford electric rates, Meriden politics, USPS, Coaches v. Cancer 

LETTERS: Wallingford electric rates, Meriden politics, USPS, Coaches v. Cancer 

Thanks to the PUC


As a resident of Wallingford and user of the Wallingford Electric Division, I would like to express my appreciation for once again holding the line on electric increases. This is the fourth time that there has been an increase in rates but the PUC has chosen to cover those costs with other funds. In these economic times, we are fortunate to have a utility that is both reliable and cost conscious.

Mary Beth Applegate, Wallingford

Restoring cuts


Meriden's July 2018 budget referendum, with almost 6,000 signatures for budget cuts, meant nothing to Meriden's Democrat-controlled City Council. Since then cuts have been restored. That means in 2019 struggling families will face another big tax increase from a city that can't save. This November it is crucial to take our city back from the tax and spend Democrats.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Greed Over the People


I've heard talk about privatizing the U.S.Post office. The USPS is probably the only government agency that does not use taxpayer money to function. So why privatize it? Well I can guess that it's at the behest of a couple of large package shipping companies that contributed to the GOP (Greed Over the People).

The USPS is already forced to pay in advance benefits for employees that are not even born yet. This sounds like sabotage to me. The postal rates will increase and those who live in the outback will probably have to travel to their nearest PO to pick up their mail as it will be deemed by the CEOs of these outfits that delivery is not cost effective.

On another note it has been mentioned that the Twitter-in-Chief has decided that the current emission regulations for coal-fired energy plants is too expensive for the amount of good they actually do. In other words Trump and Co. think it's O.K. to increase the amount of mercury spewing into our air.

One would think that if a coal-fired plant were near one of our Dear Leader's resorts, this would not be an issue. But since it doesn't affect him personally, it's all right with him and the coal companies for the rest of us to be poisoned.

Wow! What a way to Make America Great Again!

Kevin Coane, Wallingford

Coaches vs. Cancer


On Friday, Jan. 25th, for the seventh consecutive year, the Cheshire High School Boys basketball teams will be hosting the Coaches vs. Cancer game to support the American Cancer Society. Please come out to support this great cause, and to cheer the Cheshire Rams as they face the Tigers of Daniel Hand High School in the west gymnasium at CHS.

There are two ways to donate, and all contributions are tax deductible. You may purchase a donor/dedication card on game day at the door, or you may go directly to the website listed below to contribute on line. Donor/dedication cards will be displayed on the gymnasium wall.

The varsity game starts at 7:00 p.m., preceded by junior varsity at 5:15, and freshmen at 3:45. Corporate and business sponsors will be recognized at the game. The website is:


So please join us for a night of athletic excellence, teamwork and camaraderie as we band together to fight cancer. Hope to see you on the 25th! GO RAMS!!!!

Jennette and Bob Battipaglia, Janet and Rob DeLaubell, Cheshire


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