LETTERS: Climate change / CT highway Tolls Ok / No parade for President Trump

LETTERS: Climate change / CT highway Tolls Ok / No parade for President Trump

Don’t get me started


Where was Al Gore when we needed him? Actually, the narrative began as “global cooling” but was discredited decades ago. Even “global warming” became problematic so it was reclassified as “climate change,” which has caught on.

And of course, there is climate change. It changes every day, It’s warmer and colder. It rains, it shines. There’s summer and winter, In fact, page 2 of the Record-Journal would show there are still hundred-year-old record high and low temperatures. And several record high and low temperatures only a year apart, like 1963 and 1964.

So, which is it? It doesn't matter because it is only to blame us for climate change. We had nothing to do with the recent freeze.

The whole issue is to accuse people and human behavior. It is political and dangerous narrative of the elite left to use government to control people and to regulate their activity, when we will have to drive electric cars and eat organic food.

It’s an excuse to support political special interests, from rails to windmills. Yes, the money.

If it’s not a hoax, it is a joke. A learned physicist says all of us will boil to death, so we have only 30 years to colonize Mars. A Princeton professor blames climate change on cows.

And it seems that the National Academy of Science would be proselytizing the religious vegan cult to our public school children with meatless Mondays.

We are also told that climate change is causing civil rights unrest and inequality. Who knew? Don’t get me started on La Nina.

John Montgomery, Meriden

Tolls? OK — but …


I have disagreed with Gov. Malloy on many issues, but with the exception of the gas tax increase, I support his position on highway tolls. In a 1/26 R-J column, Chris Powell listed the disadvantages of installing tolls on CT highways. He left out one important fact, by his reasoning, all new highway construction or maintenance would be fully paid by Connecticut residents, giving out-of-towners, especially truckers, a free ride through CT.

The Senate Majority Leader has stated that 40 percent of vehicles on the Conn. highways are from out of state. The shortest and most efficient method of land travel between New York City and Boston is through Connecticut.

Several leaders, including Gov. Malloy, believe that the state can generate $800 to $900 million by installing tolls. It appears that some legislators are giving preferential treatment to lobbyists (trucking industry) and certain areas of the state (Fairfield County) A bill to restore tolls to Connecticut highways should be introduced with two important provisions included: All revenue derived from both shall be placed in a lockbox dedicated 100 percent to highway projects. And on the day of the voting, the names of all lawmakers voting against this proposal should immediately be provided to the media. To this writer, tolls appear to be a “no brainer” – now is the time for all lawmakers who are against tolls to make their case.

Ralph J. Esposito, Meriden

No parade for Trump


A lot of people like parades and apparently King Donald likes them as well. Usually parades are to celebrate something important or in the case of military parades, a victory.

What victory is this proposed military parade supposed to celebrate? The ongoing war in the Middle East has been going on for longer than two world wars and the Korean war combined!

I think our dear leader wants to show off to North Korea that we too can throw a military parade where he can be seen standing on his podium with all cameras on him saluting.

At a cost of over $20 million wouldn’t that money be better spent to help our veterans who have returned home broken both mentally and physically? But no. That wouldn’t get King Donald in the spotlight. And anybody who doesn’t applaud him will be considered treasonous. I for one won’t be applauding him.

Kevin Coane, Wallingford


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