LETTERS: Parkland school shooting; Congrats to Meriden’s mayor; Don’t cut Medicare

LETTERS: Parkland school shooting; Congrats to Meriden’s mayor; Don’t cut Medicare

Preventable tragedy


I would like someone to explain to me that what happened in Parkland Florida on Valentine's Day was not the best reason ever for gun control legislation. May all those who have thwarted any progress in gun control legislation (and that includes YOU, Mr. President) not have a minute's peace in the wake of this preventable tragedy.

Dee Dyer, Yalesville

Congrats to the mayor


On Kevin Scarpati being honored as one of the top 40, under 40-year-olds in the state by Connecticut Magazine.

It is a great honor for an individual who works tirelessly for his and our city. Recognition comes in this case, not only because one has tried but because one has succeeded. His success can be seen in our community in many ways.

A few years ago he took over a position that previously labeled us a city with no future.

But he dug in and took what was started by the Rohde administration and council and our state delegation and molded it into a city of promise, growth and as I have said before, the treasure of Connecticut.

The new high schools, the Green, flood control, Colony Street housing, east side development, Phase II Housing, etc. are all part of his vitae.

We are lucky to have both an eager 28-year-old leader and a person with a vision for Meriden. His resume is second to none and we are the beneficiaries of his efforts. Accomplishments usually come with a team effort. Kevin's strong point is that he works well with others.

I hope that even though there was a small glitch in that teamwork this month, all can continue with a positive attitude moving Meriden forward.

A hard-working mayor, a dedicated council and a positive vision equals success for Meriden.

I am happy for Kevin and just as happy for Meriden. Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Don’t cut Medicare


Cutting Medicare/prescription programs/Social Security and other retirement benefits that senior citizens and the middle class need is a crime. Mr. Trump/Mr. Malloy and many politicians have ignored the needs of the middle class. The nation’s 10 percent don’t need tax breaks, we do. We are the true people of the nation.

Mr. Malloy has taken from teacher’s pensions, unions, Medicare savings programs and other middle class money. Is Mr. Malloy doing without? Is he giving up anything to balance the budget? I doubt it. Remember when politicians go to places to seek campaign donations or speak about wanting to help the state of the nation — they never go to poor neighborhoods. They go to Fairfield County. Do the wealthy own Congress?

Mr. Trump said he will work hard every day, claiming President Obama played golf most of the time, was born in Kenya and illegally won the presidency. So far, Donald has played golf every weekend since January 2016, alienated people of different races, claimed white protesters are fine people, wants to build a wall to keep Latinos out, has backed people who have led dubious lives so that Democrats will not become the majority in Congress.

He claims the new tax plan will hit him hard. Paul Krugman and other business columnists say he will benefit from the plan — not be penalized.

A good leader/representative/people’s politician cares about the plight of the poor and middle class and cannot be bought by the wealthy who need these political figures to dictate their agenda.

JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to help us. Four out of five were assassinated. I believe Teddy was wounded by a gunman.

It’s not too late to reverse the course that we are headed for. It’s called George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Nick Piccolo, Southington


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