LETTERS: Stop gun violence; No gun control needed; Meriden Public Library 

LETTERS: Stop gun violence; No gun control needed; Meriden Public Library 

Thanks to the ‘Friends’


On Sunday, Feb. 11, The Friends of the Meriden Public Library hosted a buffet luncheon at a local restaurant. The purpose of this was to raise funds to help with the future renovation of our terrific facility. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Library, hearty thanks go to the many citizens of Meriden (and elsewhere) who helped make this a success.

I know that this is the first of many events to be held in the future, so I hope all who read this will be supporters. We are so fortunate to have such an excellent relationship with our Friends organization.

Again, many thanks to all who feel as I do, that our library is very necessary to our community and that we are so fortunate to have a facility that we can be proud of and a staff that cares so much and gives their all.

Joan S. Edgerly, president of the Board of Trustees of the Meriden Public Library

Save the children


I am a crossing guard for the town of Meriden. Our children are our greatest assets. How do we stop the slaughtering of our lambs? How about putting metal detectors in all schools? The airports use detectors on a daily basis. We can’t stop all the killing, but we can reduce the number dramatically. Everyone should write to the president, congressman and senators and ask them to pass a law to install metal detectors in all schools. Let us try to save our precious lambs.

Mary Lou Sadonis, Meriden

Do something!


Another senseless shooting of our precious children. When will it stop? Listen to the very articulate young man who said to our useless politicians: “Do Something, you are the adults!” Well, it took women to get the #MeToo movement off the ground. Maybe our high school students need to start a #DoSomething movement. Maybe our bought politicians will listen to our children, our future, if they say it loud and clear.  Flood the politicians with #DoSomething requests.

And we can do this sensibly. Not looking to take away 2nd amendment rights. But stop weapons of war, stop bump stocks, improve background checks, address mental health.

While on the subject of mental health, our president needs to set the example. He needs to stop bullying, lying, and name calling. He is supposed to be an example and bullying can lead to mental health issues. Step up politicians. Listen to our students. #DoSomething.

Michael Rusate, Meriden

A good Samaritan


The other day, my wife and I were going to NYC to see my new 3-week-old granddaughter, I dropped my car off at valet parking at the New Haven train station. As I reached for money to tip the valet, I realized I had no cash so it was a quick trip to the ATM. The next day I searched everywhere I could think of searching for my money with no luck. Today, February 16th, I was in a supermarket parking lot in Wallingford when myself and another fellow helped a very scared young lady with a dead battery in her car, she thanked us a million times.  As I went into the store, I decided to check with the courtesy desk. Lo and behold, some good Samaritan turned in my Army money clip and all my money.

I can't thank that good Samaritan enough for their thoughtful gesture and returning my money and clip. It was also a case of good karma, when you help someone it will come back to you a thousand fold. Thanks again, my guardian angel!

John Anzidei, Wallingford

No gun control needed


I would like to explain to Dee Dyer why the Parkland, Florida shooting on Valentine's day is NOT the best reason for gun control. In fact, there is NO GOOD REASON for gun control in America! Our ancestors saw the need to bear arms in a FREE society and made it a part of the Constitution for good reason: to keep us FREE. Hitler knew where to find guns because a list of gun owners existed. In all fairness we should ban planes because lives were taken on 9/11 and how about trucks/vans since they also were used to take lives? People take lives and arming only the bad guys leaves criminals in charge … wait! Aren't they in charge already? Look at our elected officials taking our money in taxes and not giving us the protection we elect them to do. Guns are NOT the problem.

Lucia Scala, Meriden

Help the police


Unfortunately, it has become necessary to modify an acronym, and this time the acronym is EPO, Emergency Protective Order. The new rendition of EPO has emerged, and it substitutes the word “Extremist” in place of “Emergency.” And while we have become aware of the reasons for, and the necessity of, certain means to legally attempt to keep certain citizens from molesting one another by means of a citizen’s EPO. An Extremist[s] Protective Order takes things to another level.

Apparently, there is an ongoing practice of legally collecting information on organizations and individuals who, for want of a better reason, mean to harm someone. Yet to act on that gathered information is a no-no. Following the killing of, at least, seventeen young people at a Florida high school, there was an almost immediate release of the shooter’s troubled psychiatric profile.

The local authorities were aware of his family history. The school’s administration had dealt, unsuccessfully, with him in the past, and friends on social media had their own opinions, mostly negative. No authoritative body was able to connect the dots which might have nipped this tragic moment in the bud.

The authoritative bodies were left to do their own thing as the citizenry was willing to let someone else do it. This practice of ignoring one’s social responsibility has got to stop. Citizens need to be made comfortable speaking out on negative issues and experiences they have been exposed to. Yes, many/most communities these days have tip lines for citizens to safely and anonymously report issues that they have become aware of.

And local administrations need to encourage this practice. This is not Big Brotherism. This is being socially, ethically and morally pro-active, and a true member of your community. Use the Opioid crisis for example. Help the police.

Lawrence Singer, Wallingford

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