LETTERS: Don’t cut medicare; UConn PC?; CT highway problems; MidState Medical Center; School shootings

LETTERS: Don’t cut medicare; UConn PC?; CT highway problems; MidState Medical Center; School shootings

 Don’t cut Medicare


Mr. Trump/Mr. Malloy and many politicians have ignored the needs of the middle class. The nation’s 10 percent don’t need tax breaks, we do. We are the true people of the nation.

Is Mr. Malloy doing without? Is he giving up anything to balance the budget? I doubt it. Remember when politicians go to places to seek campaign donations or speak about wanting to help the state of the nation. Do the wealthy own Congress?

Mr. Trump said he will work hard everyday, claiming President Obama played golf most of the time, was born in Kenya and illegally won the presidency. He claims the new tax plan will hit him hard. Paul Krugman and other business columnists say he will benefit from the plan – not be penalized.

A good leader/representative/people’s politician cares about the plight of the poor and middle class and cannot be bought by the wealthy who need these political figures to dictate their agenda.

JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to help us. Four out of five were assassinated. I believe Teddy was wounded by a gunman.

It’s not too late to reverse the course that we are headed for. It’s called George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Nick Piccolo, Southington

Wish I’d said that


If ever I’ve had a “wish I’d said that” feeling, it was upon reading Bruce Mudzinski’s letter in this morning’s paper (“Academic intolerance” — R-J, Jan. 31). While Mr. Mudzinski’s letter might have been in response to Chris Powell’s column on the Perspective page of Sunday’s paper — (“UConn’s pc hysteria invites nervous breakdowns” —  Jan. 28), my input definitely would have been. It isa pity that space considerations precluded reprinting Mr. Powell’s column alongside Mr. Mudzinski’s letter. 

It might be an idea to send both to UConn’s Susan Herbst, chief diversity officer Joelle Murchison, and UConn’s school newspaper opinion writer, though being underwritten by thousands of Connecticut residents such a communication doubtless would have little impact.

Michael Staub, Middletown

Problem: The government


I can tell you from personal experience the major problem with the roads in Connecticut is: The government. I was second in command doing the electrical work for the first EZ Pass in N.Y.C. It was the Verrazano and the Whitestone bridges. At the end of the shift on Friday myself and the #1 man in charge would have to go to transit office to discuss the job. We were tired from being out all night while all the city suits were just starting their day. There was plenty of food available so everyone sat around and had a big breakfast before the meeting even got started. At the meeting nobody had a clue what the job was about except for one electrical engineer. Everyone else tried to justify their salary by talking forever without saying anything. There was one morning when this one man kept talking about the angle of the signs. He wouldn’t stop. Finally I got up, looked at my boss and said, “If you want to stay here and listen to this, fine. I’m going home.”

I’m sure CT has the same suits getting paid lots of money to do nothing. About libertarians. They want the people that use the roads to pay for them. We pay tax on every gallon of gas plus the car tax. Where is all that money going?

I moved here when I married. My wife said years ago there was no state tax in CT. All I know is my wife is the only reason I am still living here. She doesn’t want to be to far from the grandchildren. I told her we should move to one of the states where there is no state tax. We have seven to choose from. If she finally agrees, I am gone.

Vincent Ferrigno, Meriden

Thank you, MidState


I would like to thank the ICU staff at MidState Medical Center for taking such excellent care of my wonderful husband and making his last days peaceful. A special thanks to Chaplin Doreen for being a great comfort to me at this difficult time. God Bless All of You.

Kathy Carino, Meriden

Stop the killing!


 I will try to get right to the point. This school shooting in Florida and in every other state in the United States has to stop.

We the people go out and spend a lot of money to build these big and beautiful new schools for our children to get the best education, for WHAT? We’re losing our children to gun violence. Let’s stop the next politician in office that supports the NRA by taking them out of office, once and for all.

Then, maybe, we will be able to spend time to see our children grow up. 

Suzanne Markowski, Meriden

 Honoring Santo Fragilio


Last summer a beloved former music teacher at Middletown High School died. Mr. Santo Fragilio was employed as band director at MHS since 1948. He retired in 1984 when the two high schools merged but was asked by the former superintendent of schools to work part-time as an arts consultant for the city’s schools, which he did until 2015. At the Feb. 13, 2018, Middletown Board of Education meeting they unanimously accepted the Naming Committee's recommendation to name the Performing Arts Center at MHS after him and they referred it to the City Council. This body will take up this matter on March 5.

Mr. Fragilio was an exceptional music teacher. The PAC should carry his name. He was dedicated to the music students at MHS and the city’s schools. He put the MHS Band on the map, having brought the band to many places such as the 1965 World's Fair in New York and toured Europe in 1972 for the International music festival in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Fragilio was well known throughout the greater Middletown community, having established the Middletown Symphonic Band in 1979. He served many years as the director of the annual South Green Christmas Sing. He received awards for his musical talents such as from the American Council of Learned Societies, Bennington College’s Department of Music Studies, the Middletown Commission on the Arts, and the Connecticut Music Educators Association.

I encourage all former students and colleagues of his, and fellow musicians to call and write to Mayor Dan Drew and to show up at the March 5 meeting at 7 p.m. to urge them to name the PAC at MHS after him.

Frank LoGiudice, Middletown


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