Letters: Gun debate / Winter car packages / State Parks 

Letters: Gun debate / Winter car packages / State Parks 

Blame, not solutions


Well, here we go again. In the shooting aftermath everybody blames the gun. Examples: assault rifle, black rifle, AR-15. Powerful machine gun and cop-killer bullets. All the politicians, snowflakes and do-gooders have no idea what they are talking about. Nobody comes up with solutions, only blame. Compare guns to the risk from cars, falls, opioid deaths and simply choking on your food. I have been opining about the Second Amendment for years. There is a reason why it’s in our Constitution. Fact: Government unions donate five times more to politicians than the NRA does. Ma Alot Israel 1974 School massacre. Solution: School staff armed and trained, plus armed guards. Since that incident only two shootings and the perpetrators shot and killed. Forty years of safety. Hello!

What does the City Council have to do with immigration? If I broke a law 20 years ago and just got caught, should I be prosecuted now? I could have owned up years ago or kept hiding in the shadows. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m a U.S. citizen. Will Dick, Chris or Elizabeth keep me out of jail?

City Council: Don’t spend my money on FOI appeal. Get on with city business in public. I like to know how you’re spending my money. State Legislature: No tolls, no new taxes or gun laws. 

Late news: Manny Santos, you got my vote. We need to get rid of the me-too politicians.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

Protect the children


Amazing, CT has made it so everything I get in distributions is withheld 6.99percent. Now I get a notice that things I bought online have been reported to CT.  I expect that I will get a tax bill at some point.  Unreal, they are hurting, do you think I will vote Democratic again!?!  Heck, yes, I believe children are more important than guns!  I can take the monetary hit, I can not handle kids being shot! Children are more important than money or guns! The other day, I saw a mother horrified that her 4-year-old daughter was playing shooting drills!!! Good God, kids are suffering from PTSD and gun lovers don't care! I don't care what they tell me about home invasion and govt. takeover, they don't care how many are killed by guns! I expect gun lovers will vilify me as they do for the survivors of FL. 

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden

Put taxpayers first


As the State of Connecticut is cutting back funding for cities and towns, it's time Meriden cut its budget. The BOE has too many big shots getting six-figure salaries. Cuts in too many unnecessary management positions will save teacher layoff. The BOE already gets over $100 million, yet it's not spent wisely. Also all surrounding towns are built up and in order for Meriden to compete on any level city taxes must be cut. Unless these changes are made, Meriden will continue to lag behind in the times. This year, the taxpayer must be put first.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Winter Care donors


As a member of the Community Action Task force, that includes representatives from the Meriden Fire & Police Departments, Hunter’s Ambulance, Rushford, and Midstate Medical Center, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the individuals and agencies that made donations to our Winter Care Packages to benefit homeless individuals in our city. Winter Care Packages included information on shelters and warming stations, personal care items, gloves, hats, scarves, hand/foot warmers, and blankets.

We are proud to say that 50 bags were made and then delivered to the Meriden Fire Departments for distribution to the homeless throughout the city.

Unfortunately, the need is ongoing; therefore, we will continue to accept donations from individuals and organizations to distribute throughout the year to those in need. All donations can be dropped off at the Meriden Health Department or by calling Stephanie Denya (203-630-4223) for more information.

Stephanie Denya, Meriden

The writer is associate health director of Meriden Health and Human Services.

Public lands threatened


Every summer, I’ve made new memories with friends at Hammonasset  Beach, both on the trails and in the waves. Throughout high school, Sleeping Giant State Park was a much-needed sanctuary from crushing academics and stuffy classrooms.

I’m sure for many others like me, Connecticut’s public lands are a valuable retreat, a  comforting thought in a world of hustle and bustle.

Except, it seems that none of this is permanent. Public lands are ours, yet today I found out through the Morning Record podcast that they are being traded clandestinely, hidden in bills that rarely get public input. In 2013, a Conveyance Act gave 8 acres of Hammonasset Beach to the town of Madison without any public input. In 2016, 66 acres along the bank of Mystic River were nearly given to the town of Groton for development.

On the podcast, Eric Hammerling of the Connecticut Parks  and Forest Association talked about a resolution to amend the Connecticut Constitution (S.J. 39) so that our public lands could not be sold or transferred without a public hearing.

It is imperative that this resolution make it onto this year’s November ballot.

It is surprising to me how vulnerable our public lands are. Connecticut’s state parks and forests are our local places of wonder and appreciation, and we should have much more of a say in their futures.

I cannot imagine what my life would be without Connecticut’s extensive open public lands.

I want to thank the legislators and nonprofit organizations that have worked for years to pass this resolution and I hope that everyone who has experienced the charm of Connecticut’s state parks urges their representatives to support this resolution.

We have an obligation to preserve and protect our irreplaceable public lands, one that we can only fulfill with the adoption of this amendment.

Sabrina Xie, Wallingford






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